What is it About Bad Boys That Make Women Want to Bed Them?

From: Bright Day Ltd
Published: Thu Nov 05 2009

Not surprising then that many women look for the bad boy image and all it brings with it when choosing an Fbuddy. Reasons cited for this are a heady mix of boldness, self-confidence, passion and being eager to try new things.

Andy Hammonds, Founder of My-Fbuddy which is an upbeat and light-hearted adult dating site, explains further, "When it comes to sex buddies women don’t worry so much about the flip side of the coin and head straight for men who are up for anything and often use women just for sex – things that may not seem right in a long term relationship are a huge turn on whilst enjoying some no strings fun."

So it seems what’s good for the goose is good for the gander; both wanting a one night stand with the unpredictable excitement of the gigolo type for her and, yes you guessed it, a ‘whore in the bedroom’ for him.

Andy Hammonds continues: "It’s also true that when in a relationship the boys may want a nice girl to take home to meet the parents but, as with many girls being attracted to bad boy Fbuddies so too are the boys to the naughtier side of Fbuddy girls".

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