Prescription Medications Taken For High Cholesterol Can Kill You

From: Health Technologies
Published: Tue May 24 2005

While there are numerous options for people to lower cholesterol naturally, thousands and thousands of people are taking prescription medication to lower cholesterol – risking some very dangerous side effects.

These side effects can include:

• An increase in cancer risk
• Elevated liver enzymes (causing liver damage)
• Yellow skin / yellow eyes
• Rhabdomyolysis (degenerative muscle tissue condition)
• Impaired kidney function
• Muscle weakness and pain
• Dizziness
• Gas
• Headache
• Heartburn or indigestion
• Nausea or vomiting

Crestor, a prescription medication to lower cholesterol, has been linked to the death of a patient who developed a suspected case of severe muscle wasting. Company spokesman Steve Brown said "the death may have been due to a condition known as Rhabdomyolysis and the incident had been reported to regulators worldwide." Brown declined to say where the death occurred or what dose of Crestor the patient had been taking.

For people that are looking for supplements to help lower cholesterol levels, there are many natural supplements available that can lower cholesterol and some of these can even be more effective than the prescription medications – with the added benefit of zero side effects.

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The above statistic about the death of a patient should serve as a warning. There really is no reason for anyone to be taking prescription medication to lower cholesterol. The side effects are just too dangerous. And when you consider the numerous natural options, including foods and supplements, that are readily available to lower cholesterol, prescription medication should not be an option.

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