Deserted University Campus Destined to be Immortalised as a Key Filming Location

From: The Location Collective
Published: Tue Nov 10 2009

With a busy winter ahead for the London based film and television industry The Collective feels it has chosen the perfect time to launch the next major filming location on to the scene.

The signs seem to be relatively positive for the UK film industry over the next few months, especially when also taking into account the UK is in the grips of an economic recession.

In London alone, there are least 30 major feature film or TV drama productions being made with a significant number of other productions filming around the rest of the British Isles. This is during what is supposed to be very much the quiet time of year, what with less daylight and more unpredictable weather to have to contend with.

The one department that feels the cold more than most is the location team. These unsung heroes are out on location from dawn until dusk, either scouting to find the production’s next perfect shoot location for actually on the filming location ensuring all aspects of the productions’ needs are covered during the actual shoot.

These location managers and location scouts are always on the look out for the next big filming location and once again The Location Collective have pulled out all the stops in making Chalfont Campus available for location hire for the film, television, photographic and events industries.

Chalfont Campus was a working university campus for New Buckinghamshire University until its last days of teaching in July 2009. While a decision is made about its future The Location Collective is the exclusive representative of the campus as a filming location with the key aims of generating additional revenue to cover running costs while also immortalising the site on film as much as possible.

The now deserted 240 acre ’28 Days Later’ site lies dormant just north of the M25 / M40 junction, just a hop, skip and a jump from the M25. This principle filming location is centred around a restored 18th Century mansion with a very unique stairwell that can replicate a banqueting hall, residential manor house, hotel, dining hall and old peoples home.

Its position, facilities and size lends itself perfectly as a cost-effective, production base. Other buildings at the campus possess a great range of ‘doubles’ filming locations with spaces easily transformed into hospital wards, schools, police stations, libraries, offices, bars, restaurants.

A large gym (approximately 4,500sqft with double height clearance) provides an ideal unobstructed space for set building. The now vacant library and the student shop area with their double height ceiling also offer themselves as additional set building alternatives.

Perfectly complimenting the boundless location possibilities within this campus are the broad range of external spaces found within its 240 acre footprint. From the institutional sterility of the student accommodation, the vast network of private roads & paved walkways Chalfont Campus also has a wide range of sports courts & pitches - tennis, rugby, football & netball courts as well as a floodlit Astroturf pitch and sumptuous, if now a little overgrown, but no-less filmic gardens.

Chalfont Campus is available immediately as a filming location, photo shoot location, events venue or as a production base. You can explore the site in detail on The Location Collective’s online location library:

To arrange a viewing, or to find out more about this and other film locations, call the Account Manager for Chalfont Campus, Lottie Mason, on 0207 284 8903 or email

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