Arousing Soundtracks or Bottom of the Charts

From: Bright Day Ltd
Published: Tue Nov 10 2009

When asked, the Founder of My-Fbuddy, Andy Hammonds commented, "Our members are very vocal about the music they most wanted to have sex to and the results have been quite surprising."

Maybe some would think otherwise, but the oldies seem to be the ones a vast majority wanted to make love to. So this may give us ideas for a great no strings attached encounter to a musical background. Let’s face it Bolero did a fabulous job for the couple in the film ‘Ten’. Although, Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells is more of a surprise because of being featured in the hit horror film ‘The Omen’.

Andy Hammonds addressed this area by qualifying it further: "Yes, these are soundtracks that may not be on everyone’s favourite list on their i-pod but it shows just how much these pieces of music can potentially make a difference to our sex lives. For instance, Tubular Bells is a piece of music which very much builds to a climax, and people clearly love playing that in the background to enhance the moment."

So, the next time you listen to a piece of music, don’t just think it’s good music to kick back to, maybe your sex buddies will think of it as something good to jiggy-jig to.

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