Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe?

Published: Tue May 24 2005

Chico, CA. May 26, 2005. Research conducted by Dr Patricia Hunt of Case Western University, shows that plastic water bottles made from #7 Lexan polycarbonate plastic may pose serious health hazards. While they’re perfect for an active lifestyle – light, durable and available in a rainbow of colors, Lexan plastic water bottles may leach bisphenol– A (BPA), a potent hormone disruptor, which has been linked with many health abnormalities including;

• Impairment of the reproductive organs
• Adverse effects on tumors
• Adversely influenced breast tissue development
• Adverse effects on prostate development by reducing sperm count

BPA can be leached into the water bottles contents through normal wear and tear, and exposure to heat and cleaning agents. According to Valerie Reddemann, author of the article ‘Are plastic water bottles safe?’ "This includes leaving your plastic water bottle in your car during errands, in your back pack during hikes, and running it through the dishwasher." Reddemann says. "What I found interesting is that baby bottles made from #7 Lexan polycarbonate resin have quietly disappeared from the market. Why are water bottles still around?" A follow-up study done in 2003 by the University of Missouri and published in the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives confirmed the original study and found that BPA can even leach into liquids at room temperature, so just having your plastic bottle sitting on your desk can be potentially harmful.

Two great alternatives to these bottles are to use a stainless steel water bottle like a Klean Kanteen, available at, or to use a glass bottle when transportation isn’t an issue, like at the office.

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Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe?

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