Launch of Revamped No-Nonsense Straightforward Guide to Financial Spread Betting

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Published: Thu Nov 12 2009 has been created to act as a bridge between spread betting providers and clients while remaining an independent unbiased resource for the private trade and investor.

The website is a comprehensive guide to spread betting - it provides traders and investors with all the knowledge necessary to add financial spread bets to their trading arsenal. It includes -:

- Straightforward, Practical Guide to Financial Spread Betting

- Comparing Spread Bets with other Leveraged Products

- Comprehensive Questions and Detailed Answer Explanations

- Strategies for Safer Trading and Trading Approaches

- Interviews with Industry Participants and Experienced Traders

- Latest Spread Betting Industry Happenings and News

- Compare Bid-Offer Spreads and check which Brokers offer you better Margins

- Review and Comment on your experience with your Spread Betting Company

Financial Spread Betting is a trader's speculative tool that has grabbed the attention of UK and Irish traders alike. An unprecedented number of professional and retail participants are now using spread betting to trade. Our research and editorial staff provides independent, unbiased articles, commentaries, guidance and insight about the spread betting industry.

"You've probably already experienced some success in financial spread betting and CFDs. But how well do you understand the financial instruments behind your trades? Many investors have relied on 'experts' and so called 'gurus' to guide their decisions... and, in the recent market, the results have often been disappointing."

"We have written the website in plain language that’s free of stock market jargon, so that investors and traders can understand the content better and develop confidence with their stock market dealings," explains Founder Andy Richardson. "Investors can learn important topics such as how financial spread betting works or the impact that wide dealing spreads have on their bottom-line. Navigating around the site is intuitive so investors can quickly find the information they’re looking for."

About Spread Betting: Financial spread betting offers the individual investor several key advantages. To start with it is an efficient way to use trading capital because you only need to put up a tiny fraction of the value of your total market position. But in addition to that financial spread betting is free from UK capital gains tax. You also avoid other costs such as the 0.5% stamp duty you pay when you buy shares. What’s more, because the market for it is huge, spread bets of almost any size can be placed quickly, easily and cheaply. Typically, you pay no separate commission for a trade, you just suffer the ‘bid-to-offer spread’.

Let's take an example; suppose you wanted to be on the share price of Barclays. Your spread betting provider will quote you a spread, close to the prevailing market price, of 326.34/327.45. You think that the price of Barclays shares are currently discounted and do not fully take into consideration the market recovery. Thus, you decide to go long at 327.45 at GBP20 a point. A week later Barclays shares have rallied and the new spread is 340.64/341.24. You decide to take your profits by selling the spread bet at 340.64. The outcome is a gain of 13.19 points (340.64 -327.45 = 13.19), or GBP263.80 at GBP20 per point.

Author, Andy Richardson, has been a successful trader for many years, having worked in the equity operations for several major financial organisations. For more strategies, tips, techniques and trading information from Andy, up-to-the-minute information about spread betting, and a thriving community of active spread bettors please visit
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