Cyber Entrepreneurs Find Marketing Success Helping Motorists Prevent Traffic Tickets

Published: Wed May 25 2005

WASHINGTON – The world of Internet marketing has created a new form of entrepreneur, and many individuals have discovered that they can become affiliate marketing reps and make six-figure incomes from the comfort of their home.

Anyone with a computer and access to the Internet can become an affiliate marketing representative for virtually any company, but success requires a product in high demand for a great price. PhantomPlate, Inc. has many affiliates jumping for joy.

Millions of motorists throughout the world are now a gold mine for individuals known as affiliate marketing representatives. Affiliate marketing has created a new breed of entrepreneur, and the most successful ones are quickly discovering PhantomPlate, Inc. and a product that is setting new records for monthly sales.

Affiliate marketers simply get consumers to come to their specially created web site where they can get the information they seek, and then simply click and buy. The job of the affiliate then ends and the company takes over by processing the sale and shipping the product. The affiliate collects handsome commission checks each month for the sales made.

For webmasters who know how to drive targeted traffic to a web site, affiliate marketing can be better than any job they can get running a web site for someone else. As an independent, self-employed contractor, affiliate marketing reps will tell you they have the best job in the world.

"You set your own hours, work in the comfort of your home, come and go as you please, never have to fight commuter traffic, and the potential for making $100,000 a year or more is really high," said Joe Scott of PhantomPlate, Inc.

Scott’s company offers anyone the opportunity to market PhotoBlocker (tm) to the millions of angry motorists who receive traffic tickets in error from defective speed and red-light radar cameras.

"Drivers are angry. Really angry, because of the time, expense, and inconvenience of fighting tickets sent out by defective cameras. They are looking for a way to prevent the tickets, and we offer the solution for less than $30. We need many affiliates who can help us get this great product to the people who need and want it," said Scott.

News stories from around the world in recent months show that these angry motorists are right. The cameras are not accurate and have been sending out tickets to innocent drivers by the thousands.

PhotoBlocker (tm) is a simple spray can that when applied to a license plate or number plate does not in any way alter the appearance of the plate to the naked eye, but the flash picture makes the number on the plate unreadable.

The demand for the PhotoBlocker (tm) cans grows steadily every month, and now anyone can become a marketing affiliate and make sales through a special web link that gives each independent sales rep commissions for each sale.

There is no cost to be an affiliate, and many are turning it into a full-time business when they discover the increasing demand. It is a virtual vending machine working to make you money on the Internet 24/7.

The company’s web site at provides full details, and examples of participants who are making significant monthly incomes by marketing PhotoBlocker (tm).

Joe Scott

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