UniBook Book Release: The Adventures of Dotey Sanchez in the Search for the Source

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Published: Thu Nov 12 2009

UniBook is proud to announce the publication of Zurishaddai’s book, The Adventures of Dotey Sanchez in the Search for the Source.

This is the third in the Martianz Trilogy – a story of colonization, exploration and of human discovery. The story begins with the reincarnation of Dotey Sanchez and follows his path of re-discovery not just of himself, but of the source of human existence and love.

For the narrator in this story, love is an experience that transcends generations and centuries. His relationships have unfolded and persisted despite the corporeal limitations of physical life and distance. The descriptions of Zurishaddai’s relationships are at the same time sweetly innocent and terrifying in their implications.

The Martianz Trilogy is part science fiction and part political and technological commentary. It blends the utopian concepts of modern science fiction with the harsh reality and precariousness of the lives we lead every day. The reader is provided much more than a litany of technological marvels to wonder about; instead Zurishaddai provides a new perspective on our basic assumptions about freedom, religion, and what it’s all about.

The mysterious Zurishaddai is an author of exceptional talent, and UniBook is proud to play a part in bringing his artistic and technological vision to the public through the publication of this series of books.

To learn more about The Search for the Source, read an excerpt, or purchase a review copy, visit http://www.unibook.com/en/Zurishaddai/Search-for-the-Source.

About UniBook: UniBook is the self-publishing division of Peleman Industries, Inc. The service allows any author to publish and sell his or her book free of charge to a worldwide audience. Books can be published as either soft or hardcover, and are printed on-demand and local to the buyer through the company’s worldwide distribution network. Visit www.unibook.com for more information.

About Zurishaddai: Zurishaddai is retired and lives in Florida where he spends his time conducting research and writing novels. He also travels and visits with friends and family throughout North America. For a critical review of Zurishaddai's work, visit http://www.darkstar1.co.uk/martianz.html.

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