Safe Sex Please, We’re Health Conscious Fbuddies!

From: Bright Day Ltd
Published: Thu Nov 12 2009

When, we as a society, think of casual sex are we maybe thinking of irresponsible, self-indulgent libertines who are not mindful of the dangers of STIs?

For those of us not knowledgeable of the 80th anniversary of condom maker, Durex, for the first time we’re mildly interested. However, if you were aware, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a promotion for them but that’s not so. Many of My-Fbuddy members weren’t aware either, but that doesn’t preclude them from being highly conscious of their own sexual responsibility and that of their sex buddy partners. It appears anyone who chooses to embark on a no strings attached one night stand may be anticipating the excitement, and looking out their very best boxers or lingerie but also checking they are fully resourced to enable the most hygienic, protected and safest enjoyment possible.

As Andy Hammonds, founder of My-Fbuddy explains: "It’s a weight off your mind when you’re not worrying beforehand whether the other person cares for your health or thinking how and when to broach the subject."

Andy continues, "Members feel it’s an absolute to be agreed on the protection question within the course of an online conversation so everything’s upfront. And if asked, members are clear that sexual health protection is not an option; it’s a priority."

It’s good to know that in some cases pre-conceived ideas are more myth than truth when connected with casual sex, so the reality can be completely refreshing; grown-up and mature in attitude.

My-Fbuddy is free to join, enabling you to browse the site and view thousands of Fbuddy profiles. You can pay a small subscription fee securely online or via your mobile phone which will allow you to create and view video profiles, send personal messages, and offer sexy virtual themed gifts. As a member you can also use your mobile to upload photos to your profile as well as receive text messages notifying you that other Fbuddies have sent you a message.

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