Totseat - the Washable, Squashable, Invention hits John Lewis

From: Totseat
Published: Tue Feb 22 2005

Totseat, the washable, squashable highchair, is now available in John Lewis stores throughout the UK. The first order was placed by the store in the new year and the funky fabric highchair is expected to take the baby market by storm with one design selling out just weeks after its October launch to the trade.

Totseat securely and comfortably anchors a child of between 6 and 30 months in any adult chair, is easy to use and fastens securely with a large buckle. It extends and contracts, using two buttons, to fit chairs of varying back height and even includes a cummerbund to create optional support in chairs with gappy backs. Self contained in its own fabric tote, Totseat is small enough to squash into a handbag or pocket, making it the perfect travel accessory for families on the go.

Inventor and entrepreneur Rachel Jones said:
"We are delighted that Totseat is now available in John Lewis stores as well as through We've come a long way since January 2004 when I made the first Totseat from the lining of my wedding dress!

"Totseat is minimal luggage with maximum impact. It's perfect for travelling or visiting grandparents, friends or cafes. Gone are worries about whether or not there'll be a highchair, or if it will be clean. We hope to see many more stockists throughout 2005."

This season's fabric was designed by Natasha Marshall of Squigee, while next season's stripes are the work of Sarah Cheyne, of Gilbey and Cheyne in London.

100% ethically sourced and manufactured in the UK, five percent of Totseat's profits will be donated to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

Rachel is also founder and director of Edinburgh-based Great Circle Communications which has recently celebrated its 7th birthday by becoming Scotland’s fastest growing PR agency.


22nd February 2005

Beverley Kirk, Great Circle Communications Ltd
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Rachel Jones, Totseat
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Motto: Necessity is the mother of invention.
Mother: Rachel Jones. Father: Michael Groves. Child: Freya.
Objective: Get out more, with as little luggage as possible. Result: Totseat.
Totseat is made from ethically sourced materials and methods only.
Totseat is for occasional use. It is not intended for use as a permanent highchair.
Totseat has been designed to comply with EN71:part 3.
Company: Totseat
Contact Name: Beverley Kirk
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Contact Phone: 0131 2254646

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