IQ Test Results for Microsoft Office Software Show Companies Maybe Missing Out on Productivity

From: Wise Owl Business Solutions
Published: Fri Aug 18 2006

Recent results released by, the web site designed to test MS Office skills anonymously, show that there is a massive skills gap. Over the months of June and July 2006, 4353 tests were completed with the most frequent score being six right answers from 15 multiple choice questions per test. "This is not much higher than someone choosing random answers would achieve – many people must be struggling to complete relatively simple office tasks and this could be impacting a company's bottom-line," commented Andy Brown, the site creator.

If you are wondering, the expected score for random answers would be 3.75! Word and Excel were the most popular tests taken – many of which were taken during the lunch hour. 86 percent of people answered between three and nine questions correctly. 90 people did manage to answer 12 or more questions right and just one got top marks – but sadly as the site gathers no personal data, no prize could be awarded!

"In fairness to those taking the tests, many are simply presented with a PC, with preinstalled software, without manuals and receive little or no training at all. Many fear treading outside their comfort zone or are simply not given time to train. Sadly, this means many companies are losing the opportunity to improve the return on their investment through better productivity," concluded Andy.

If you want to see if you can beat the random score of 3.75 visit and give the tests a go. It is free, anonymous and fun – but it will show you if you need to press your employer for access to better training. You can test yourself on Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access. In addition Microsoft Visual Basic programmers can test their skills on Excel macros and Access VBA. The questions are multiple-choice and take no more than ten minutes to complete.

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In 2000 the original founders were joined by David Wakefield (a developer with expertise in the investment, insurance and retail industries), and in 2004 the partnership incorporated.

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