[OPS NOTE] Scottish Parliament to Hear New Party Petitions

From: The New Party
Published: Wed May 25 2005

The Scottish Parliament's Public Petitions Committee will hear seven petitions from the New Party in a single session tomorrow Wednesday 25 May. (hearing commences 10.00hrs)

PE835: cut Scottish income tax by 3% to stimulate economy and carry out feasibility study on introducing Flat Tax in Scotland
PE843: introduce compulsory mediation for patient claims against the NHS in Scotland
PE844: require local authorities to sell council houses which have been empty for more than 6 months to the highest bidder
PE845: suspend the requirement for planning permission for new houses where sustainable jobs will be created
PE846: create industry funded debt remedial service to tackle problem loans
PE851: make local authorities and the Scottish Executive legally responsible for the safe condition of public roads
PE852: fund private medical insurance for all Scottish citizens
All the above petitions fall within the competency of the Scottish Parliament and involve issues which are presently at the top of the Scottish political agenda. The New Party therefore hopes that the Scottish media will take an active interest in the progress of these proposals as they go through the parliamentary process. It is to be hoped that members of the Committee will not allow party political considerations to hinder their progress.

Unfortunately it would appear that some MSPs may be of the opinion that the New Party is wasting taxpayers money by submitting these petitions (each petition costs £1,600 to process). We would be disappointed if this were to be the case. However, if necessary, the New Party is prepared to pay for the petitions to be given a fair hearing.




the text of each petition along with a brief explanation can be read as a single pdf document at http://www.newparty.co.uk/campaign2005/PetitionNotes.pdf
Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee agenda for tomorrow is available online at http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/business/committees/petitions/papers-05/Agenda.pdf
the Petitions Committee has not permitted the New Party to speak in support of its petitions
New Party representatives will be present at the hearing. Members of the press wishing to interview a New Party spokesman are asked to contact our media department on 01506 602 700 or after hours on 07742 526 186
the hearing will also be available live online at: http://www.holyrood.tv/committee.asp (click "Play Live stream" for "COMMITTEE ROOM 2" Wednesday 25 May -- 10.00: Public Petitions Committee)
Company: The New Party
Contact Name: Martyn Greene
Contact Email: press@newparty.co.uk
Contact Phone: 01506 602 700

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