8 Top Tips for Swimming Pool Safety from Guardian Pool Fence Systems

From: Guardian Pool Fence Systems
Published: Mon Nov 16 2009

Pool safety isn't something that can be taken for granted. While swimming pools can be a great way to get daily exercise, or for the entire family to have fun, it's crucial that pool owners take safety precautions.

One nationally recognized company offers several valuable tips to improve pool safety:

"We have a key piece of advice for pool owners, on keeping backyard pools safe. In addition to having a sturdy fence, the gate MUST be locked when no one is in the pool area. Local codes require that swimming pools must be surrounded by a fence, and that the gate must be locked when the pool area is not in use," says Steve Sadinsky, president of Guardian Pool Fence Systems, ( http://www.guardianpoolfence.com ) a well-known pool safety fence manufacturer in Southern California. "It's for this very reason we developed our patented self-locking gate. No other preventative measure is as certain to avoid drowning and increase pool safety."

Here are eight other steps the company believes are vital for pool safety:

* Don't swim alone. It's important to have someone there to help if pool users fall, slip, or have a heart attack.
* Take a cell phone or cordless phone to the pool, and keep it close by.
* If at all possible, be sure that someone trained in lifesaving and CPR is nearby.
* Make it clear to parents that they are responsible for watching their own children.
* Install an alarm in the house that sounds an alert when anyone goes near the pool.
* Before leaving and locking the gate, double-check the pool area. There may be children you didn't see at first glance, who must not be left alone near the pool.
* Clearly post one or more "No Diving" signs. Remove your diving board, if you have one.
* If there is no fence surrounding the pool, separating it from the house or the rest of the yard, get one installed. Consult a local pool professional to see what will work best for your pool.

Proper pool safety precautions save lives. If young children live in the home, or will have access to the pool, pool fencing is especially important. ( http://bit.ly/PoolDeckFencing ) U.S. Government statistics indicate that the number one cause of accidental death is drowning, for children under five in Arizona, California, and Florida. In states where there are fewer home pools there are also fewer drowning fatalities, but the problem remains. Nationally, for children under five years of age, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental deaths. Between 1990 and 1998, in the United States alone, there were over 5,800 children five years of age or under that died of drowning.

Pool safety is more than a set of regulations or concerns, it's a serious matter. ( http://bit.ly/PoolSafetyInfo ) Pool professionals can help owners prevent accidents. "Pools are a fantastic way to stay fit and spend time outdoors," says Sadinsky. "And making pool safety a priority will let you enjoy your pool fully by giving you peace of mind."

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