Francine Allaire and the Daring Woman Welcome Relationship Marketing Specialist, Mari Smith

From: The Daring Woman
Published: Mon Nov 16 2009

Successful entrepreneur, life designer and social media marketing and joint ventures strategist, Francine Allaire, has launched a new website and online community to further The Daring Woman Brand that she has built over the last few years and to inspire women to dare themselves to pursue their most personal and significant dreams in life and business. will provide encouragement, inspiration and education, especially around social media and its potential to create successful businesses.

True to her mission, and that of, on November 19th at 2pm PST, Francine will host The Pied Piper of The Online World, Mari Smith. Mari is a Relationship Marketing Specialist, Internet Marketing Consultant and Facebook Business Coach. She is world renowned for her expertise around social media and her ability to translate that in a very understandable, implementable way to professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners to help them accelerate their businesses and profits using an integrated social marketing strategy, with a special focus on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter are simple, yet comprehensive, easy-to-use online platforms where professionals can fully express and foster their unique personal brands. Mari regularly shares with a vast global audience how to reach out and connect with a worldwide community with the click of a button in order to foster like-minded professional relationships, potential joint ventures, and finally, clients. After applying Mari’s proven Social Marketing methods, professionals and businesses typically experience a significant increase in web traffic, subscribers, clients, affiliates, lucrative strategic alliances and targeted media attention.

Francine Allaire’s passion is to empower women to develop their personal and professional potential has brought countless experts like Mari to the women who make up The Daring Woman. Francine herself is an amazing teacher. She easily combines her 20+ experience as an award winning sales and marketing executive with her life-long learning in personal and business development and assists women entrepreneurs and professionals in developing and implementing their personal and business GROWTH-CENTRIC solutions and strategies that deliver exceptional results.

Through the use of coaching and teleseminars, Francine and The Daring Woman show women entrepreneurs and professionals how to increase their income potential, without feeling that they’re selling their souls, and how to align who they are with what they do (align their business/career with their purpose), so they not only create profitable and sustainable businesses and careers, but they are also happy, fulfilled and living their dreams.

Mari Smith is the perfect ambassador to continue that course of learning, and she is the perfect guest to launch the new website, You may register for the teleseminar at

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