West Seattle Couple Provides Free Negotiation Training and Resources

From: Negotiation Board
Published: Tue Nov 17 2009

The Negotiation Board was recently launched as an online community that focuses on helping the average American improve their negotiation skills with free resources, training, and a growing forum of negotiators.

In light of the downswing of the economy, many Americans are looking for new ways to help them save money. Using negotiation skills to get a better deal, a higher salary, or strengthen a strategic relationship is the best way we can protect our resources.

The Negotiation Board’s philosophy is that anything is negotiable and everyone can negotiate. We're always negotiating, every day and in just about every situation---whether or not we are aware of this fact. What to eat for dinner, what movie to see, the price for a car, or credit card rate are all situations where we must use our negotiation skills.

Most of us have a general fear of negotiating. There is no magic to negotiating tactics. Anybody can learn how; it just takes a little practice.

The forum on the Negotiation Board seeks to bring others from the community together to create a cohesive network of individuals who can each offer a different perspective and their own experience to the mix. We all have something to learn from each other, especially when it comes to negotiation.

About the Negotiation Board---Jonathan and Jennifer Martin are both graduates of the University of Washington Business School. With experience in Real Estate, Corporate Seattle, Purchasing, and Managing Family Finances as a SAHM. The Martins have a passion for negotiation and helping others learn that "everything is negotiable" and anyone can learn how. It just takes a little practice.

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