Pester Power Positively Urges Single Parents to Date Again

From: Bright Day Ltd
Published: Thu Nov 19 2009

The term ‘pester power’ needs little explanation these days, but in short, is well illustrated by the ever sharper tug by a little one on their parent’s sleeve whilst pointing to the "Same toy as my friend has" or "it was on the telly" syndrome, and to take it further it involves major tantrums, preferably in public places. Recognise this?

Then there seems to be a new and more altruistic form of pester power emerging (or has it always been there?) when those same little ones take an initiative to steer their elders and betters into a far rounder and more fulfilling relationship. That then would seem better pestering by anyone’s rules.

Andy Hammonds, founder of MumsDateDads, explains further, "Single parents’ priorities are always the children and want the best for them, but kids aren’t always about getting toys for themselves; they want their parents to be as happy as possible and sometimes that includes finding another single parent dating. So what if one of the many ways of achieving this aim is to pester? – it may be the best way they know how and at least it’s for a great reason!"

Also maybe this is something the marketers have managed to miss. Phew! It seems there’s so much more to family life, Christmas time and our happiness than a quick flirt with the latest gadget or brand name.

Andy continues, "From the side wings we may be forgiven for thinking the pester power is simply coming from a materialistic drive, but from within the family unit it’s not so cut and dried. Children are not only multi-layered in their views of life but also help drive the even keel of the family and bringing some happiness to their Mum or Dad is probably one of the most important factors of all."

MumsDateDads is free to join, enabling you to browse the site and view thousands of single parents’ profiles. You can pay a small subscription fee securely online or via your mobile phone which will allow you to create and view video profiles, send personal messages, and offer virtual themed gifts. As a member you can also use your mobile to upload photos to your profile as well as receive text messages notifying you that other single parents have sent you a message.

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