Silence is Used In New Radio Commercial by Scott G (The G-Man)

From: G-Man Music & Radical Radio
Published: Wed May 25 2005

Radio broadcasts usually avoid silence whenever possible, and advertisers rarely want silence in their precious seconds of commercial time, but Scott G has proudly put two sections of silence into his latest radio ad for NARIP (National Association of Record Industry Professionals).

"The 60-second spot is announcing a workshop about how to promote recordings to radio stations, so we thought it would be fun to demonstrate what happens when you don't have the facts: nothing happens, and the best way to show that was silence," explains Brian Forest, VP at G-Man Music & Radical Radio.

"It was fun to chop off the music and dialogue right at two crucial points during the commercial," G stated. "It not only grabs your attention, but it helps make the point that recording artists, managers, producers and songwriters need to know the information in this NARIP workshop."

The commercial, entitled 'Deafening Silence,' is airing on a selection of Internet radio stations via "When the silence cuts in, it's a delightful shock," Forest stated.

The NARIP event features Jerry Lembo, promoter of recordings by Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz, Martina McBride, Lenny Kravitz, Maroon 5, Marc Anthony, *NSYNC, and Shania Twain. "We had to overlap the names," Forest noted, "which worked well with the electro-pop music G recorded for the spot."

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Scott G is recording artist The G-Man, with 4 albums on Delvian Records and iTunes. He is also a creative director of NARIP, a member of NARAS (the Grammy organization), and a contributing writer for Immedia Wire Service and MusicDish.

The National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP), founded in 1998, promotes education, career advancement and goodwill among record executives. With emphasis on becoming better-informed and more effective, NARIP offers professional development opportunities, educational programs, peer interaction, a job bank, a mentor network, a newsletter and more.

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