Is There a ‘White Knight on a Fiery Steed’ Out There for Single Mums?

From: Bright Day Ltd
Published: Tue Nov 24 2009

Members of MumsDateDads were asked, when thinking of the type of future partner they are hoping to find, said they were still looking for that magical something! And this does not necessarily mean, as a single parent dating, these mothers feel that women are weak damsels or are living a fairy-tale, but rather have a more modern attitude and a need for a stable lifestyle when it comes to bringing up the children and running the household singlehandedly.

Andy Hammonds, founder of MumsDateDads, explains further, "It is very heart warming that single mums are upholding the outlook that it is still possible to find the perfect partner to continue their lives with. They are not starry eyed about it; it’s simply that their expectations remain high, and part of this comes from the fact they want another great role-model in their children’s lives as well as a soul-mate as a future life partner for themselves."

So it seems single mums are still seeking that prince-metamorphosing-frog because it is a distinct possibility, even later in life, that there’s a world of options and means for finding that best match; particularly afforded through online dating.

Andy continues, "Second time-around partnerships and love relationships aren’t simply viewed as second best. Women want the utmost for themselves and their children and have a clear view on it. All of us in our later stages of life and during the childrearing years deserve the best we can get, and those of us who’ve got kids may have so much more to offer to others anyway. So potentially parents, particularly single ones with a life’s worth additional experience, can give a mate the very best indeed for now and for many years to come."

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