warns consumers to watch out for fake straighteners when buying online this Christm

Published: Tue Nov 24 2009

GHD price comparison website, has revealed today the worrying news that on any given day up to 60 per cent of the first page links on a Google search for "GHD straighteners" are for vendors of fake goods.

A screen shot taken from the front page of Google on November 11th 2009, there are 10 fake sites displayed, this represents a high risk for those people looking to pick up a bargain on a pair of GHDs this Christmas., the UK’s leading price comparison site for the popular beauty product, has released this statistic as the Christmas shopping season starts to get underway and consumers begin to look for good deal on their presents. only compares prices from verified and authentic retailers, ensuring that customers really are finding the best possible prices, rather than being attracted to potentially dangerous products from criminal sites.

Keir McConomy, founder of, commented: "While Google does police the fake goods market, the number of criminal sites that claim to sell cheap GHD hair straighteners is worrying and completely outrageous.

"With the recession in full swing, people want to pick up luxury items like GHDs at the best possible price, and the people who run these fakes sites are completely taking advantage of that. The consumers who buy from these sites could be buying a dangerous device that could irreparably damage their hair or cause a problem about their home. In many cases, these sites will literally take your money and run. This is a very real problem, and consumers must be aware of the risks.

"GHD has a verified logo which is displayed on all legitimate sites, but services like also allow consumers to see the best prices from genuine retailers so they are guaranteed to be buying authentic GHDs. With Christmas fast approaching, I would advise all shoppers looking to buy GHDs either for themselves, or loved-ones to make sure they are shopping with a reputable seller."’s top tips for buying authentic GHD hair straighteners this Christmas:
- Look out for the verified logo, only approved GHD retailers will display this
- If you’re not sure of a site, don’t use it! The risks associated with buying potentially fake GHD straighteners far outweigh the perceived cost savings
- has a page dedicated to spotting fakes which is a great resource for further information
- Use a comparison site to check out all of the authentic retailers to make sure you are getting the best deal
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