Scottsdale's Nightlife to be Captured by World-Famous Photographer

From: MetroShot LLC
Published: Thu May 26 2005

World-famous nightlife photographer Christopher Cashak will be appearing at Axis Radius Nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona this Sunday May 29th.

Christopher Cashak is a well known photographer in over thirty countries on six continents. His unique style of photography has revolutionized the way club events are captured. With technically complex motion shots and perfectly posed crowd portraits the energy of this Sunday night at Axis Radius will be remembered forever. Christopher Cashak's name is one of the few recognized enough to receive media coverage when he photographs an event. His official website is

Mr. Cashak will be photographing the event and guest portraits between 10:30pm and 1:30am. Special photography requests can be made all night. The Myst Nightclub is located at 7340 East Indian Plaza near old town Scottsdale.

Photos from this Axis Radius Nightclub will be exclusively available the following week on

Sunday night, world-renowned photographer Christopher Cashak will be capturing Scottsdale's nightlife action at Axis Radius.
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