Cat Galaxy Speaks Out About "Free To Good Home" Cat Ads

From: Cat Galaxy
Published: Thu Aug 31 2006

Cat Galaxy, the internet radio and TV station for cats is speaking out about a recent story they wrote on how "Free To Good Home" ads are putting cats at serious risk. Many of these ads appear in newspapers and even on community boards online such as craigslist. Most of the time, the ones posting the ads simply don’t want to care for the animal anymore. As a result they are willing to give the cat to just anyone who comes along and answers the ad.

Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy who recently appeared as a guest on The Animal World n KKNT 960 AM radio in Phoenix spoke directly about the issue and didn't hold back when it came to this very controversial topic.

"Cats should not be seen as property. It is amazing some of the excuses people will use for dumping an animal like they were empty soda cans. These individuals don't realize that they are putting them (the animals) in danger by posting these ads, as they could end up in the hands of animal abusers or possibly sold to research labs. They also could end up being used as snake food, as a bait animal for fighting dogs or put in other life threatening situations. You just have no idea where the cat will end up," Rosen said.

Cat Galaxy is hoping people realize just how harmful these "free" ads can be, especially since those posting them will never visit the home the cats are going to, or have an adoption process in place that protects the animal and screens potential adopters. Most of those posting seem to want to get rid of the cat even after warning them of the dangers that could occur.

"Cats are living, breathing creatures, not items to be passed around when an individual grows tired of them," said Rosen.

Another problem with the "free to good home" ads is that many of the cats and kittens being given away are not even spayed or neutered, thus putting stress on animal rescue groups who have already taken in a record number of cats this year, some of which were the result of the "free" cat ads.

"Moving, allergies" and a "new baby on the way" were the top excuses people gave for posting the ads in the first place. Cost was another reason, but moving still continues to remain the top answer. Mainly, it seems those posting "free to good home" ads simply can't handle the responsibility. Whatever the reason, these people seem convinced that the cat must go despite the danger.

"When you adopt a cat you have a responsibility for caring for that animal for the rest of their life, not just when it becomes an inconvenience. If you can't handle the responsibility then you shouldn't adopt a cat in the first place," Rosen said.

Rosen also hopes the media will take an active roll in this issue and get the word out to their audience members to make them aware that by posting an ad offering your cat or other animal for free, that you are indeed putting them in serious jeopardy.

"I think the media definitely needs to do stories about this issue. It is a continuous problem and is largely ignored by a lot of people. I am amazed by some of the excuses these people use for getting rid of their cat. We even get a few emails and calls here at the station from people who want to know how to get rid of their cat because they are moving or have allergies. Despite our best efforts to try and educate these people and discourage them from getting rid of the animal, they still insist on wanting to dump them. It is a very troubling situation. If other members of the media did stories about this issue, then maybe collectively we can discourage people from getting rid of their animals at the drop of a hat in order to solve the issue," Rosen says.

Rosen also hopes to see the "free to good home" ads banned and favors people adopting from their local animal rescue groups instead, which have processes in place to screen potential adopters in order to make sure the animal is getting a good and loving home.

"Our position at Cat Galaxy is we want to see these "free cat" ads end because it gives people too easy an outlet for getting rid of the animal and putting them into the hands of those who would harm them. You can’t put a value on a cat’s life as the joy and love they give us is priceless," Rosen added.
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