Saxo Bank offers new guide to global economic indicators

From: Saxo Bank
Published: Fri Dec 04 2009

Saxo Bank's strategy team has gathered together the most important of its macroeconomic forecasts into a new monthly publication that can be downloaded for free from the Trading Floor website.

The new Macro Forecast publication is based on the results of Saxo Bank's comprehensive macroeconomic models and is released on the first working day of every month. The publication will give the most important economic indicators for the US, Eurozone and Japan.

"The US gets the most attention in line with its position as the most important world economy with more than 20 quarterly and monthly indicators. The most important indicators from Europe and Japan will be covered initially, with more depth added with time as the publication grows," said David Karsbøl, Chief Economist at Saxo Bank.

The Macro Forecast has been designed to be easy to read and navigate. Each country has a table giving the consensus forecast, Saxo Bank's forecast, the previous level, percentage change and release date.

"The Macro Forecast isn't meant to provide trading triggers," added Saxo Bank Market Strategist Mads Koefoed, who has been responsible for developing the model. "The publication is more a signpost to the general economy and makes the strategy teams views on the development of the economy easier to follow on a regular basis." has been running since May 2009 and features expert commentary starting every morning with The Daily Trading Stance that Saxo Bank's strategists distribute to clients giving a rundown of the main themes of the day in Forex trading, equities, FX options and CFD trading.

The commentary is prepared by David Karsbøl, Equity Strategist Christian Tegllund Blaabjerg and Forex expert John Hardy. Futures and Fixed Income expertise is provided by Ole S. Hansen and Alan Plaugmann. Also commenting are Market Strategist Mads Koefoed and Research Analyst Robin Bagger-Sjöbäck.

The new Macro Forecast can be downloaded as a PDF. Also available are Saxo Bank Research Notes, the Equity Strategy Outlook, the Forex Portfolio Model, FX Monthly, Cross Asset Research, Quarterly Outlook, and Saxo Asset Allocation.

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