Old Catholic Churches of Europe Launch “Got God” Campaign

From: Old Catholic Church of Great Britain
Published: Sat May 28 2005

Is it a question or a statement? "It is both and much more" said Archbishop Gary Beaver who is leading this Old Catholic project throughout Europe. "Believing that the Holy Spirit continues to guide the Church through the "Sense of the Faithful", the Old Catholic European Alliance sees itself as a process as well as an institution. We must listen to, rather than speak for, the people of God; as prompted by the Spirit, we seek ways to remake the Church into a credible community of faith for the modern world.

The "Got God" campaign is split into three well defined programs, the first is to bring the word of our Lord to the unchurched, secondly it is to raise awareness and bring support to those suffering religious persecution around the world, and thirdly, to raise the public’s awareness of Old Catholicism.

Archbishop Gary Beaver said "It can be difficult for many to believe that religious persecution in all forms is on the increase in our modern world, and it is important for us as a church body to take a stand in defence of the faithful. We are presently raising European awareness of the 16 church leaders and priests who remain detained in three prisons in Eritrea. We are informed that an estimated 900 other Eritrean Christian prisoners are being held without trials or any legal due process. Our Christian brothers and sisters are being held in metal shipment containers and prison camps, which are not open to the Red Cross or any human rights organisations.

The Old Catholic Church of Great Britain, The Free Catholic Church of Europe and The Interdenominational Church of the Holy Lands have jointly communicated with the Eritrean Embassy, urging the Asmara government to "release all Christian prisoners and respect the human rights of its citizens by reinstating freedom of religious worship" and are actively communicating with Heads of State to become involved.

The message is clear, the "Got God" campaign is bigger than anyone could carry unless they believed in God ,,,,,,,, Let us all pray for its continuing success.

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