Steve Muehler, President of LA Investment Capital announces BioFuel Venture in Maryland.

From: LA Investment Capital
Published: Thu Dec 10 2009

Eastern Shore Processing LLC ("ESP") is a Maryland company formed for the purpose of developing a small scale advanced biofuel and high protein feed production facility on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. ESP focus is to build highly efficient small scale production located near end users and optimized to match local markets. The project will take advantage of the latest technology to produce ethanol, animal feed, and food grade carbon dioxide for both local and regional markets. The nameplate capacity of this facility is 10 million gallons per year of bioethanol. The primary feedstock for the plant will be barley.

Renewable fuels play a key role in supporting the goals of energy independence and sustainable economic growth. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 revised the Renewable Fuel Standard to mandate 36 billion gallons of renewable fuels by 2022. Out of these 36 billion gallons 15 billion gallons can come from corn based ethanol with the remainder produced from advanced and cellulosic fuels. In 2009, the mandate is for 10.5 billion gallons of renewable fuels and an additional 0.6 Billion gallons of advanced biofuels. To encourage and monitor the implementation of the RFS, the US Environmental Protection Agency created Renewable Identification Numbers (or RINs) as a tradable commodity accompanying each gallon of renewable fuel. To encourage and support the growth of advanced and cellulosic fuels, RINs from those sources have more value than RINs from corn ethanol.

It is expected that the fuel ethanol produced by ESP would qualify as an advanced biofuel due to the advanced energy efficient technology, barley feedstock, and onsite energy generation from waste products. The RINs generated from advanced biofuels have significant value and should command a premium over corn ethanol.

The State of Maryland has also implemented a mandate for 10% blending of ethanol. There is currently a review on the federal level to allow higher level blends for non-flex fuel vehicles. A 15% blending option would create an addition 135 million gallons per year of ethanol demand in Maryland alone.

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