uk2abroad’s new Mobile Roaming Solution allows travellers to keep their existing UK mobile number AN

From: uk2abroad
Published: Mon May 30 2005

"Roaming charges have been excessively high for as long as I can remember," says Chris Smith, Co-Founder of uk2abroad, "and we wanted to create a complete solution without the typical pitfalls."

"This is why our service allows you to keep your normal UK mobile number and incoming ringing tone and why our local SIM cards are amongst the cheapest available."

To use the service, you simply visit our web site (, select your destination, choose the amount of call time required and whether you need a SIM card or not, then check out.

"Setting up your phone to use the service is very easy," says Alistair Gates, Co-Founder of uk2abroad, "you simply login to the My Account section of our web site (, enter a few details and get given an activation code. Before you leave the UK just enter the code into your phone and you’re set!"

Savings are detailed at Typically, you will save around 50-60% in Europe and 60-70% outside Europe. This assumes that all your calls are received and made with uk2abroad; if you receive and make some calls via your local SIM card then your savings will be even higher*. Some examples:

Until now, attempts to avoid roaming charges were flawed:

• using a local or multi-destination SIM card saves on incoming call charges, but people trying to contact you have to call an expensive international mobile number (calling a SIM4Travel or Oneroam user from the UK costs 43p/min**) AND you have the hassle of giving out a new number;
• you had to visit the shops to top-up your credit; and
• your UK number was unattended.

"uk2abroad offers the best of both worlds- not only can you continue to receive calls on your normal UK mobile number, but you also benefit from a local mobile number for making and receiving local calls," says Alistair. "For business users this is a huge advantage."

"We have also developed a service that is consumer friendly; unused credit can be used for any of our destinations or can be refunded if you do not plan to travel again***." (You can top-up your credit at any time via our website).

"We also offer rapid-response email support and our customer service team are available on the phone from 9am to 10pm to answer any queries."

Please contact us if you would like to know more. We can offer complimentary packages for you to experience the service for yourself or for use in competitions, and one of our team is available to give interviews.

uk2abroad is the Mobile Roaming Solution

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For more information please contact either Co-Founder:
Chris Smith +44(0)870 922 0825 or +44(0)7977 445 834 (mobile) or at

Alistair Gates +44(0)870 922 0825 or +44(0)7966 794 344 (mobile) or at

Notes to Editors

* The customer has the option to receive and make all their calls via uk2abroad or via their local SIM card. To maximise savings, it is possible to combine the two. For example, important business contacts continue to call your UK mobile number whilst you could give friends and family your local SIM card number.
** quoted rate for calls made by BT Together users
*** All credit save for the first £10 will be refunded on request. This is to cover the cost of subsidising the local SIM cards. Our SIM cards are priced at £14.99 for our most popular destinations compared to £29.99 or £34.99 at most UK-based SIM shops.
In the cost saving examples, "Typical two weeks" equates to 3 hours of calls in total with 1 hour of receiving and 2 hours of making calls.

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