Christmas Dinner Chat and the Karma Sutra

From: Bright Day Ltd
Published: Wed Dec 16 2009

Take 1 large man, 1 fit man and 1 tiny man, add a large woman, a fit women and a tiny woman, add some red underwear, some belly laughs and mix with one of 16 tricky Karma Sutra positions. You end up with one of the most surreal comedy sites to hit the computer screens this festive season. Although, it’s on good authority that it’s also very educational - particularly for those of us who tend to rely on the missionary position!

Those who’ve seen the hysterical awkwardness at have the following to say:

"There’s a few in there I’ll be trying out… and a few I won’t! Sooo funny! Brilliant." Says Sue from Solihull. Alex in Derby proclaims, "A classic!! The Wheelbarrow made me spill coffee on my keyboard."

As the mischievous mastermind, Andy Hammonds, founder of this site and, the light-hearted adult dating site explains, "Okay, so we’ve been thinking a bit more on the naughty side, but then we really wanted to bring a bit of joviality and high jinx to the end of 2009 in light of an otherwise pretty gloomy time. So why not bring hilarity to the closing of the year."

When asked what it’s all about, Andy continues, "It’s a highly visual interactive thing. They all hide their modesty with underwear so not to upset anyone and the results are really quite funny to watch! We’re delighted by the popularity of the site...we made this for a bit of fun and are thrilled with the early response."

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