Magic Flyer’s butterfly messenger gets off to flying start

From: FTPB
Published: Tue May 31 2005

Magic Flyer SAS of France has developed the first and only flying object in the world of postal correspondence: Magic Flyer®. The innovative butterfly-shaped product in inserted in a card or letter and flies out as if by magic when it is opened. So far, more than 15 million copies have been sold in over 60 countries. The company is looking for international distributors.

The Magic Flyer® system is made up of four multicoloured paper wings, specially chosen for maximum take off, and a metal body comprising two mobile parts held in place by a piece of elastic. Inserted inside any means of delivery (letters, cards, CDs, DVDs, books, gifts, etc.), Magic Flyer® soars into the air the very moment the person to whom the package has been sent chooses to open the message. A way of sending a special message has been transformed into a patented product, then produced on an industrial scale and distributed to companies and homes worldwide. The success of this revolutionary new product is exceptional – the surprise effect it has on the recipient makes it an avant-garde way to deliver a message and thousands of people have already been won over by this invention.

Magic Flyer® can be personalised and used for any occasion – on cards announcing births and weddings, birthday cards, Christmas cards, St Valentine’s Day cards, congratulations and invitation cards, and so on. This invention offers companies an inexpensive solution for innovating in the realm of message sending, for personalising their messages and increasing their impact – with a sure-fire 15% return rate for all mail shots, its effectiveness is guaranteed. The recipient of the message receives a pleasant surprise when opening their mail only to see a butterfly emerge in a company’s colours and start flying around...

With 76% of its sales figures achieved in the export market and 26% growth in 2004, Magic Flyer SAS is looking to expand its international presence in its two major markets – direct marketing and greeting cards. The company is looking for international partners wishing to become distributors of its product.

About Magic Flyer SAS

Located in Barbentane (in the Bouches-du-Rhône region of south-east France), Magic Flyer is the only company offering this mobile communication tool, and has been doing so since 1993. With over 800 sales points throughout the world, the Magic Flyer team has the daily task of managing requests and orders coming from its network of distributors in France, England, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands and Poland.

The company already supplies its product to the following customers, among others: Walt Disney Pictures, Microsoft MSN, BBC, Columbia Tristar, Chronopost, Audi, Kenzo, Michael Page, Royal Post of Denmark, Mc Donald’s, Cambridge University, Minolta, Shell, Toshiba, TNT, Kraft Jacob Suchard, Bayer, BMW, Hapag Llyod, Thomson and Alcatel.
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