Start a Successful Job Search with a Smart Search Strategy

From: Oklahoma Professional Search
Published: Thu Dec 17 2009

Due to job losses or desire for a better position, today more people than ever are looking for a new job. And the key to finding a new job is to employ a disciplined job search strategy, according to Kay Stout, Executive Advisor, with Oklahoma Professional Search.

"Many people believe that looking for a job is merely sending out resumes without a clear idea of the position they’re seeking," Stout said. "Rule number one of a job search strategy is to clearly define what you want to do and set objectives you want to achieve with your new position. If you’re unsure, consider a career assessment that will identify your skills, motivations, and preferences."

With a clear goal in mind, the next step is to network, Stout noted. "More than 80% of all new positions are filled via networking contacts, so the best way to find the job you want is to contact everyone you know. Work your network to your advantage and remember to reciprocate. The friend you help today could be the contact you’ll need tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to rely on your support network of family, friends, co-workers, mentors, and others."

"Next, make sure you have a powerful, accomplishment-oriented resumé. State the facts in a hard-hitting presentation that sells your skills, qualifications, contributions, and successes," she continued. "This is the time to blow your own horn, so make it dynamic and focus on the value you could bring to a company."

On top of that resumé, job seekers should also prepare a general cover letter for each position they seek and make sure to customize it for each position to appeal to the needs, qualifications, and expectations of each company or recruiter. "Just as no two jobs are the same, no two cover letters should be the same," Stout explained. "Using the same cover letter over and over shows you’re not paying attention to a company’s needs and not hitting their ‘hot buttons.’ "

Job seekers shouldn’t stop at regular mail, Stout explained. "Prepare an email campaign to send your cover letter and resumé to recruiters and headhunters that specialize in your industry and profession. A sales recruiter likely won’t place a finance professional, so be sure to stay within your ‘community’ for best results."

The next step, Stout said, is to not forget the basics of every successful job search. "Remember to respond to help wanted ads in the paper and trade journals. Have a target salary you want to achieve. And practice your interview skills since, if you don’t interview well, you ultimately won’t get job offers."

"Finally," she concluded, "remember to be flexible and be able to tweak your strategy as you go. The ability to roll with the changes can turn your job search strategy into a successful new career!"

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