Specialist Retail Website Launches Offering Solid Oak Furniture

From: New Wood Furniture
Published: Mon Dec 21 2009

The furniture experts at New Wood Furniture have many years experience in the high street retail furniture business and have brought their collective skills together to create an online retail outlet selling quality wooden furniture at sensible prices. The new website offers hundres of items of Pine, Ash and Oak furniture and it is the latter, Oak furniture sales in particular were a key reason for creating the website.

New Wood Furniture owner Christopher Deed explains: "We had noticed in our stores that Oak furniture has been getting increasingly popular yet it tends to be more expensive than more typical Ash and Pine furniture and therefore unfortunately out of the reach of many customers. We decided that by setting up an online which could operate with reduced overheads we would be able to offer our solid Oak furniture at a much reduced price to the customer."

The website offers all kinds of products from Oak bedroom furniture items such as dressers and mirrors to living room furniture such as Oak coffee table units.

The site opens at just the right time as all predicitions for online retail, unlike the high street, are for another years growth in sales. This is a phenomena explained by a combination of factors including an increased desire to find bargains plus an overall greater acceptance of the internet as a trusted shopping portal.

Another trend that occurs this time of year is for an increase in home furnishing sales, particular furniture and sofas as families look to entertain friends and relatives in comfort at Christmas.

New Wood Furniture's new website can be found at http://www.oakashpinefurniture.com

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