Congo must uphold its ICC Treaty Obligations

From: MJPC
Published: Mon Dec 21 2009

MJPC strongly condemns the Government of Congo for continuing to refuse to cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to arrest and extradite Ntaganda accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

According to Makuba Sekombo, Director of Community Affairs of MJPC, "The Congolese Government must comply with ICC decision as it cannot continue to ignore its obligation to arrest Ntaganda wanted by the ICC. It is extremely painful and disturbing to victims if the Congolese government continues to shy away from its obligations"

"It is disappointing to note that the Congolese government actions have so far failed to move beyond mere rhetoric in holding accountable those accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. This creates the impression that the Congolese government is engaged in protecting impunity rather than combating it or eradicating it" , he added.

MJPC urges the Government of Congo to uphold its commitment to the rule of law by undertaking its obligations under the Rome Statute seriously. "For a government that appears to be struggling to rebuild public confidence in its judicial system, it must set an example by acting in accordance with international law which requires Mr. Ntaganda's arrest. Justice must be applied consistently and fairly against all those accused of committing atrocities", Sekombo said.

"Turning a blind eye to war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated against civilians is not the way to promote a lasting peace in a country which just lost nearly 6 millions people and thousands of cases of sexual violence. It is time for Congo to stand up and hold accountable all the people accused of war crimes and to also support the victims of sexual violence to rebuild their lives.

MJPC calls on the Congolese government to demonstrate its commitment to human rights and international justice, not because of improving the image of the country, but rendering justice to victims and ending the vicious circle of violence that never seems to end in East of the Country. The MJPC online petition calling for the arrest Ntaganda can be signed at:

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