Trane launches new range in Great Britain and Ireland

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Published: Wed Jun 01 2005

Trane has launched a range of products in Great Britain and Ireland. The new CLCE Air Handling Units and HFR/HFH Slim-Line Fan Coils demonstrate Trane’s continued investment in solutions dedicated to the British and Irish markets. These products are easy to maintain and provide both comfort and energy efficiency.

HFR Slim-Line Fan Coils make the most of the latest technology

The Trane HFR range is the most economical solution for office and hotel applications. The slim-line fan coils use the latest technology to ensure both high energy efficiency and excellent comfort for the building’s occupants. Thanks to its compact design, the unit is easily integrated into all offices, large meeting rooms and hotel halls. As well as offering effective cooling and heating, the Trane HFR range offers benefits such as low sound levels, optimum indoor comfort and a low life-cycle cost.

Specially designed for office and hotel applications, the new HFR Slim-Line Fan Coils have been specially adapted for the requirements of the British market. The HFR is offered with factory-mounted options for 'plug and play' installation. It is designed so that installers, contractors and end-users will be able to benefit from the different features that are built into the range.

Trane HFR units are extremely reliable as all components are selected to give excellent reliability without influencing performance. For example, the life-time of the motor is a minimum of 40,000 hours. All units (final unit and each subassembly) go through strict tests and procedures at the factory. Performances have been accurately determined through independent laboratory tests. The Eurovent certification for the Trane HFR range guarantees accurate performance data and common comparison criteria.

Trane HFR units are available in various configurations and offer the flexibility to meet individual site requirements. The units have a variable number of spigots with variable diameters (150mm, 200mm, 250mm), five combinations of fresh-air inlet and several air-flow rate alternatives. They offer complete control whether with Thermostat control, LonTalk® ZN, or Trend®.

Several options further simplify the installation of the system. There is a flying lead for quick connection to the mains power supply, as well as a fuse for unit protection, fan-motor speed adjustment for easy commissioning, a factory-mounted fresh-air control, and a simple and reliable factory-mounted condensate pump.

Intelligent design simplifies the servicing of the Trane HFR range. Key components are accessible from below the unit using the quick-release access panels. The units’ high reliability and excellent serviceability minimise the down time of the system. An intelligent factory-mounted ZN control provides enhanced acoustical and thermal comfort. In addition, this top-of-the-range controller ensures that the unit always runs at its optimum performance levels. The LonTalk®-certified ZN controller can be connected to a Trane Building Management system or to any LonTalk®-compatible control and monitoring system.

HFH Slim-Line Fan Coils are ideally suited to the hotel market

The fruit of Trane’s technology and of its collaboration with large hotel chains, the HFH is a slim-line fan coil created to contribute to the well-being of occupants in hotel rooms. Powerful and compact, the HFH meets expectations of comfort perfectly while also ensuring that the most demanding quality and safety standards are met.

This product is specially designed for hotel rooms, where its presence is synonymous with enhanced comfort, due to its outstanding performance and silence. In return, hotel operators or managers will benefit too, through customers' satisfaction and substantial savings made in energy consumption and in time spent on installation and maintenance.

The HFH Slim-Line Fan Coil is an extra-slim product (217mm depth) ideally adapted to hotel architectural requirements, which fits in even the smallest corridor false ceiling. It is ready to install and is fully wired and factory tested. Installation only involves its connection to water, electricity and the wall thermostat. It can be serviced just as easily through direct access to its components, and a filter that can be removed without any tools. It offers comfortable and quiet air diffusion in the room thanks to its specially designed air duct and discharge air grille.

HFH allows healthy air renewal in the room and offers a choice of three levels of factory-installed control ranges, giving it optimal flexibility. Users can chose from electro-mechanical control – the cost effective, yet reliable choice; electronic and sophisticated ZN control – the comfort choice that allows users to optimise energy consumption; or intelligent supervisory-level control – a combination of the ZN control and a Trane building management BCU that can accommodate the supervision of additional functions common in hotels such as key-card systems or automatic lighting.

CLCE Air Handling Units provide state-of-the-art air handling

The CLCE Air Handling Unit is the result of Trane’s proven worldwide experience in air handling and its commitment to continued product improvement. It includes features ensuring high indoor air quality, high flexibility, and factory-engineered controls making it energy efficient as well as easy to install and maintain.

The CLCE Air Handling Unit has been specially designed to provide high quality and flexibility for commercial applications such as office buildings, shopping centres, retail stores, hotels, cinemas and leisure centres as well as for hospitals.

The CLCE Air Handling Unit meets the CO4 requirements for hospital applications. This means that the motors are fitted out of the air stream and there are fully removable stainless-steel inclined drain pans. The unit features wash-down sections with either dagger plates or shut-off dampers and low-leak dampers. Other specifications for hospital applications are coils with protective treatment and fans with scroll drain plugs and n inspections hatch.

The unit construction is based on double-wall panels fixed to a closed aluminium framework and assembled with 3D injection-moulded nylon corner pieces to provide an extremely rigid structure for all internal components and casing panels. The panels are made with an efficient thermal and acoustic insulation enclosed between two skins made of galvanised steel sheets. They are optionally protected with a 200ìm plastisol coating for better resistance to corrosion and an aesthetically pleasing finish. Trane is committed to providing high quality units and performs stringent checks during production and prior to final shipments on every unit.

The CLCE Air Handling Unit has been designed to provide occupants with a safe, enjoyable and productive environment. It has inclined drain pans as standard to avoid microbiological growth and optional plastisol-coated inner skin for ease of cleaning. To ensure the optimum quality of supplied air, the CLCE unit is available with Class A or Class B air tightness (as per DW144) depending on the project requirements.

The CLCE is available in 66 standard unit sizes. Non-standard sizes are also available to suit sites where access or space is limited. Casing options include indoor and outdoor versions, 25mm and 50mm panels, 50mm panels with thermal break, access via hinged doors or lift-off panels and 0.5mm, 0.9mm or 1.2mm inner and outer skins to comply with acoustic requirements.

The CLCE unit range offers a wide choice of components: mixing sections; filters from efficiency EU3/G3 to EU13/H13; activated carbon filters; heating coils – steam, hot water, electric heater, indirect gas fired modules; cooling coils – chilled water and DX; self-generating humidifiers; silencers; and forward-curved and backward-inclined fans. The CLCE units can be provided with integrated heat-recovery systems such as run-around coils, plate heat exchangers and rotary wheels.

Each CLCE Air Handling Unit can be delivered with a plug-and-play control system. The units are then provided with pre-engineered controls mounted, wired and tested before shipment. This results in simplified job coordination and faster commissioning. Typical components built in Trane’s controls package include: fan and filters status switches; frost protection switches; temperature, humidity and pressure sensors; damper actuators; coil valves; direct digital controllers; fan motor starters; and variable frequency drives. CLCE units delivered in sections are equipped with a quick connection system for fast installation.

The factory-engineered controls package can be tied to other Trane products through the Trane Integrated Comfort System, a powerful system architecture that unifies Trane control and building management into a coherent whole with an assured source of comfort.

Equipment and controls are engineered and provided by one manufacturer, reducing on-site coordination efforts and helping to complete projects in less time. ICS helps schedule preventive maintenance, reduce equipment downtime and control service expenses. DDC controllers on every piece of equipment communicate with each other to optimise the complete HVAC system. Trane controllers are LonTalk®-compatible, enabling simple system expansion and the easy integration of non-Trane devices.

Units can be delivered in one piece, in sections, or flat packed for site assembly. All units are delivered with a 160mm base frame as standard (100mm or 300mm also available) for ease of on-site lifting and positioning. Medium and large unit sizes which are shipped in sections are provided with semi-modular construction for quick and easy on-site assembly. To ease maintenance, panel and bag filters are fitted on rails for side removal as standard; front removal is available as an option. Coils are fitted on rails for easy removal as standard. There is easy access to components via large access doors. Hinged doors are fitted on adjustable hinges.

The CLCE Air Handling Units, like all Trane products, are designed and manufactured with enhanced features to ensure easier and safer operation and maintenance. Trane offers a wide range of services to support its products in the field – on-site unit assembly, commissioning and on-site maintenance by qualified technicians, supply of spare parts and warranty and maintenance contracts. Unit performance testing at the manufacturing location or on job site can be arranged on request by Trane’s qualified engineers or by an independent body which can be witnessed by the customer.

Trane gives high priority to environmental initiatives and develops products and systems that have the least impact on the environment. The CLCE air handling unit features low energy consumption through optimised component selection. It minimises thermal losses thanks to its optional thermal break execution and optimises operation costs with efficient controls systems and high-efficiency heat recovery systems.

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