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From: At Hand Productions, Inc.
Published: Wed Jun 01 2005

Scattered throughout the year, America has several federal holidays. Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day are such. In months before Labor Day, At Hand Productions has honored the American worker. The current condition for many American workers is that their work week lasts longer than 40 hours and they have a schedule that is far from the traditional 9-5. As America goes to work, At Hand Productions has increased its repertoire by one. In their latest addition, At Hand Productions pays tribute to the American worker through Values, a theatrical production. When one asks what the latest consensus is amongst workers many will say that they are over worked and under appreciated. At Hand Productions’ producer Andrew Hanna shares their pain. His latest production Values, is a venture into the life of an American workaholic.

Many Americans would enjoy returning to the standard 9-5 schedule and they would much enjoy spending more time with their friends and family than they currently do. But, the current work condition that many experience places a strain on themselves and their loved ones. Often, one can hear spouses complain that they do not get see to their significant other. Parents complain that they would like to see their kids more often, but one cannot do so when they spend most of their time at the office.

"Values addresses the impact that the current work place has an on an individual. One must agree that people do not see their families and friends since many are working 50-60 hours a week. This has obvious ramifications on a person and their loved ones, for one not to agree with the current condition would be foolish, "says Hanna, producer of several other productions that have raised thoughts and questions about life. "I’d like to see people doing more of what they enjoy doing and not so much of going to a job that they don’t like, that they don’t find any form of enjoyment. Many employers don’t realize that if they want to increase worker morale, they should take an interest in what their workers’ feelings are about their respective job. Too many employers seem to follow a mechanical means of determining where to place a worker and as a result a person’s morale bottoms out."

In the simplest terms, Values portrays a workaholic whom doesn’t have time to talk to his wife. In one scene, his son has to pay to talk to his dad. Another area of interest is the wedding scene. During the husband and wife’s wedding, the desk stands between them. In the end, Values is representative of the cause and the effect of the current work conditions has on its workers and their families.

The message in Values is blunt. It addresses one of society’s leading problems. Like many productions and other artistic pieces, their purpose is to raise awareness of an idea or condition that effects many. In the end, Values attempts to bring awareness to the current work condition.
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