Top Love Buddy New Year’s Resolutions

From: Bright Day Ltd
Published: Tue Dec 29 2009

To set the scene and yard stick; lose weight, get fit, do a proper spring clean at the right time of year and wash the car once a week. Ring any
bells? Bit boring though. So the founder of, the dating site for those looking for love, Andy Hammonds, wanted to find out what their members had to say. The difference proved very interesting.

For instance, one member of the site has an ambitious resolution to be approved for a university course after 2 years away from education, another says that they’d like to get away to a foreign city once a month during 2010, and another to jump out of a perfectly good plane with a parachute! They all put it down to an added confidence after finding a new love partner.

One member felt the thing she would really like to do, as she said girls (apparently can’t do this): learning to be able to tell jokes properly.

And this would be appreciated at the next Christmas get-together!

Andy comments, "It’s been really interesting to hear how our members become more confident when they’ve found is a great moral booster."

It begs the question, what is Andy’s New Year’s resolution: Andy’s answer: "To help more people find love on!"
Ah bless!

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