Advancements in Nanotechnology are giving us faster computers, improved cosmetics, and high performance fabrics.

[ClickPress, Sun Sep 17 2006] A recent report by the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, showed that there are more than 200 nanotech-based products on store shelves today -- more than double last year's government estimate.

DuPont Teflon coating, found in many of today’s Khakis, makes them stain resistant and yet washable and comfortable to wear. Nano-Tex fabric treatments can be applied to many different fabrics to make them repel liquids while allowing fabric to breathe. The treatment is designed for use on cotton, polyester, wool, silk and rayon.

Nanotech fabrics can be engineered to do virtually anything -- repel liquids; resist wrinkles; dry faster; and remain porous and breatheable. Though coated on the fabric, Nanotechnology treatments do not wash off easily like topical treatments do, as the material forms a molecular bond with the fabric.
Many schools now combine fabric design with nanotechnology. “Nanotechnology allows designers to embed nanoscale materials -- which are about one billionth of a meter, or about three to four atoms wide -- into existing fibers to create fabrics that can affect performance and meet diverse needs,” said CMU professor Maureen MacGillivray.

Greenyarn, a Boston based company that develops sustainable eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fabrics, created Eco-fabric – a material embedded with nano-particles of bamboo charcoal. Eco-fabric eliminates odors, kills bacteria, and is anti-static.

Greenyarn believes in the GreenNano initiative, a program that focus on how to apply the principles of green chemistry and green engineering to advance the application to nanotechnology. “Every company needs to minimize pollution and make products that do not harm the environment.” Said Robin Low, CEO of Greenyarn.

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