20+ Experts Speaking at GoldenNetworking.com's Distressed Investing Leaders Forum 2010

From: GoldenNetworking.com
Published: Thu Jan 07 2010

GoldenNetworking.com will host on February 26th, 2010, Distressed Investing Leaders Forum 2010 (http://www.DistressedInvestingLeadersForum.com) at Kirkland & Ellis' New York City headquarters. The Distressed Investing landscape is in the midst of a radical metamorphosis being shaped by forces here and abroad; for the 2nd year, GoldenNetworking.com's Distressed Investing Leaders Forum 2010 will be the forum where investors, bankers, private equity and hedge fund managers, real estate specialists, management consultants and legal and accounting advisors will obtain crucial insights they can act upon immediately.

The list of speakers and panelists who will participate at GoldenNetworking.com's Distressed Investing Leaders Forum 2010 is being updated continuously and currently includes:

Mr. Bruce Ferguson, Managing Partner, Apex Fundamental Partners LLC
Mr. Carl Trop, Principal, Greyfields
Mr. Craig Noell, Managing Partner, Signature Capital Partners
Mr. Debashis Bhattacharya, Senior ABS Portfolio Manager, Fortis Investments
Mr. Ed del Hierro, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis
Ms. Elonna Ashurova, Managing Director of Asset Management & Acquisition, EvestMAC, LLC
Mr. Gregory Corona, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Lakewood Capital, LLC
Mr. Ira Perlmuter, Managing Partner, T5 Equity Partners
Mr. James McCarthy, Chief Investment Officer, Strategic Capital Solutions, LLC
Mr. Jeff Schachter, Managing Director, Greystone & Co.
Mr. Josh Wolf-Powers, Founding Partner, Blue Wolf Capital Management LLC
Mr. Matthew Baron, Principal, Simon Development Group
Mr. Ramsey Frank, Managing Director, JLL Partners
Mr. Navin Nagrani, Vice President, Hilco Real Estate
Mr. Robert Koltai, Managing Principal, Hain Capital Group, LLC
Mr. Scott Eisenberg, Managing Partner, Amherst Partners LLC

GoldenNetworking.com's previous business receptions have attracted the leading players in financial services, consulting services and support providers from the following companies: Alliance Bernstein, Barclays Wealth, BNY Mellon, BNP Paribas, Brooklane Capital, Capital Management, Charles Schwab, Citi Alternative Investments, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Green Arrow Partners, Hampton Asset Management, HedgeCo LLC, Integre Advisors, IQ Venture Partners, Inc., MBL Financial Group, MetLife, Merrill Lynch, Moody's Investors Service, Morgan Stanley, Natexis Private Equity Asia , Natixis Capital Markets, Needham Partners, Newport Private Investments, RBC Capital Markets and TIAA-CREF.

Distressed Investing Leaders Forum 2010 is produced by GoldenNetworking.com (http://www.goldennetworking.com), the premier networking community for businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals and diplomats, founded by Columbia Business School MBA and former McKinsey consultant Edgar Perez. Upcoming Leaders Forums include:

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New York City
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2010, New York City
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Washington DC
. Venture Capital Leaders Forum 2010 (http://www.VCLeadersForum.com), April 8th, 2010, Boston, MA
. Real Estate Leaders Forum 2010 (http://www.RealEstateLeadersForum.com), April 22nd, 2010, New York City

Panelists, speakers and sponsors are invited to contact GoldenNetworking.com by sending an email to info@goldennetworking.com. GoldenNetworking.com has been frequently featured in the press, including a recent article in The New York Times, "GoldenNetworking.com Helps Job Seekers Make Overseas Connections" (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/07/nyregion/07network.html).

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