Striking the Happy Balance for Single Parents between the Children and Dating

From: Bright Day Ltd
Published: Thu Jan 07 2010

It’s a given that single parents will always put their children first, and so may feel that this priority and channelling of time and energies on the kids as prohibitive to looking to date again and ultimately, finding love with a new partner. However, parents are nothing if not resourceful and creative, and with a fistful of confidence achieve a huge amount. What many of the members of MumsDateDads have found is that given the opportunities and tools, such as being able to search online from home, with the time and expense-saving convenience that it affords, finding someone to date is once again do-able. These members have gone on to say it opens up a wider type of lifestyle to enjoy with optimism for finding someone new in 2010.

Andy Hammonds, founder of, explains, "Our members have indicated that single parent dating is always, without question, a balancing act between parental responsibilities and giving the time and efforts needed to search for a date and then the subsequent time and consideration to be given to nurturing a new relationship."

Those from MumsDateDads offer some rock solid advice: Caution when concerning the children is, of course, paramount, but all children want their parents to be happy and will be more generous of spirit and considerate when it comes to their mum or dad looking to find another partner than may at first be thought; so be brave and take the plunge. A site such as this offers the reassurance of the well-known ‘My Buddy’ brand with a very wide membership in which to dip a toe if that’s as far as you want to go at first and then venture further into the (never boring) world of dating.

Andy concurs, "I would urge those with concerns on striking the balance to maybe pave the way by broaching the subject with their children: Their point of view may be pleasantly surprising!"

MumsDateDads is free to join, enabling you to browse the site and view thousands of single parents’ profiles. You can pay a small subscription fee securely online or via your mobile phone which will allow you to create and view video profiles, send personal messages, and offer virtual themed gifts. As a member you can also use your mobile to upload photos to your profile as well as receive text messages notifying you that other single parents have sent you a message.

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