Tung Huynh travels to Vietnam to further promote Heartland Agiculture and the Vietnames Market.

[ClickPress, Tue Sep 19 2006] With concrete business leads in place, today Tung Huynh announces his return to Vietnam to further long term contractual relationships between Vietnamese grain importers and Heartland Farmers.

Tung Huynh born in Vietnam came to the United States as a refugee and now an American Citizen traveling to secure business relationships between Kansas his current home and Vietnam where he was born.

Huynh states “he wants to link mutual opportunities between the Heartland and Vietnam for many hardworking families.” Huynh has traveled to Vietnam and has collaborated with many individual businesses, traders and processors, freight forwarders all seeking to bring the Heartland to Vietnam. He has been successful in laying the groundwork for long term development in both parts of the world.

His next Trade Mission will begin September 28, 2006, he will be in Vietnam for 15 days meeting with several importers, logistics staff, port members, banks and most important he will be visiting many agriculture end users in Vietnam. His focus will be on showing all the Heartland can do for them as Vietnam joins the WTO.

Huynh will educate the Vietnamese about Heartland Agriculture Products and how the Heartland can meet and exceed their personal needs. Huynh says “after all I am just providing a link between hard working people. There is a synergy and benefit which is mutual to all.”

This Mission is not just about a contract, but a long term adventure between two parts of the world. Huynh has invited a group of Vietnamese to Kansas in Jan. 2007 for a first hand look at what and how the Heartland can work for them. The education that can be provided for the Vietnamese will go a long way in furthering the total business relationship. Huynh will encourage all small and medium sized businesses in Vietnam in building towards mutual success.

Huynh is pleased with the progress this business has taken since his last trip in July 2006 and looks forward to furthering his collaboration between the Heartland and Vietnam on this next Mission. This will be a unique opportunity to gather more information and it can only strengthen in years to com.

For more information contact: tung@exportsareus.com or +9132209770

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