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Published: Mon Jan 11 2010

As medical sciences advance, many ailments that were considered untreatable and even taboo are now safely controlled and managed with the help of suitable medication. Epilepsy or convulsions are now manageable, with many safe drugs available, the administration of which can ensure that the condition is under control.

Lamictal or Lamotigine is an anticonvulsant, prescribed for the treatment of epilepsy as well as manic depression. It is manufactured by Glaxo and Smithkline pharmaceuticals. It is available tablets of 25 mg, 100mg, 150 mg and 200 mg potency, and a chewable version is also available. The chewable tablet is especially useful for epilepsy patients who can also be administered this drug when they have a convulsion by simply placing the tablet under their tongue. Each tablet also contains some non reactive agents lactose, providone, microcrystalline cellulose, ferric oxide, and magnesium stearate. Administration of this drug should not be done without medical supervision and the medical practitioner should keep the patients history of allergies in mind before prescribing the drug. It is often that allergies to certain medication occur due to the inactive agents and not the medicine itself.

Lamictal should be administered on prescription only and to patients exhibiting the symptoms of epilepsy or bipolar syndrome or manic depression. The symptoms of epilepsy are evidently seizures or convulsions, which result in continuous twitching of the body and involuntary movements for a period of time. The patient often has no recollection of these episodes and hurt himself while seizing. Bipolar syndrome or manic depression is a kind of depression which has more psychological manifestations namely state of mania along with depression. Mania can lead to hallucinations and delusional behavior. Mania is best defined as a stage where one hyper sensitized and the mood is elevated. Feeling of severe anxiety can be experienced as can be heightened excitement or pleasure. The patient oscillates between the states of mania and depression, making it a difficult diagnosis to make for the best mental health professional. But when diagnosed, Lamictal can be a course of continued treatment which lessens the occurrence of mood episodes of mania and depression and acts as a mood stabilizer.

The drug being potent and effective, its consumption along with certain medication like contraceptive pills is not advised. In fact contraceptive pills can lessen the effect of the drug, increasing the convulsions or the mood episodes, as the case may be. It is imperative to share with the doctor a list of all medication, including vitamins and other supplements, before starting Lamictal treatment. A more comprehensive list of medication, which is contraindicated with the treatment of Lamictal, can be found at

It is also not very suitable to be administered to young adults and adolescent as it has been reported to increase rage and suicidal thoughts. The side effects should always be discussed with the doctor before starting treatment. As with almost all medication for treating mental or neurological ailments, it has some side effects, which if severe should account for a alternative course of treatment. Commonly, the drug is seen to exhibit some not so serious effects, which can be controlled by controlling dosage or which slowly stop on their own, as the body gets accustomed to the drug. This includes weight loss, blurry vision, stuffy or runny nose, and insomnia. More serious side effects include convulsions, sleep disorders, chest pains, chills and jaundiced skin. While this is no close to a comprehensive list of possible side effects, more information can be read at

It is important that this drug be consumed carefully. If a single dose is missed, it can be taken when the patient or the caregiver remembers. But before administering the dose, one needs to be careful to ascertain that it is not too close to the next dose. If it is, then one of the doses can be forfeited for the time being till previous routine can be attained. Overdosing on this drug can be dangerous. The symptoms of an overdose can be many including lightheadedness, fainting, dizziness, blurred vision, arrhythmia, loss of co ordination and even death. An identification bracelet, indicating the drug usage and the dose should always be worn by the patient at all times. It will help the medical professional who comes to help the patient at a time of emergency to identify the problem and treat accordingly. The doctors might need to pump the stomach to cleanse the body of the drug over dose. If a lot of medication has been absorbed into the blood stream, a dialysis is also recommended. The patient will be given suitable medication to control the seizures, if they start to occur.

While medication for epilepsy and convulsions become safer, they still have some counter effects, which should be weighed suitably and then progressed with treatment.

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