Oxxius Shrinks DPSS Lasers And Announces World’s Smallest Blue Laser Module

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Published: Fri Jun 03 2005

Lannion, France -- Oxxius, a venture-backed developer and manufacturer of innovative solid-state lasers, announced today the introduction of the SLIM-473, a breakthrough blue laser system featuring state-of-the-art optical performances in an ultra-compact package. The SLIM-473 offers output powers of up to 50 mW and targets OEM applications in the instrumentation industry.

Enabling transportable applications

No larger than a matchbox and more than five times smaller than any existing design, the SLIM-473 sets a new standard of compactness in the realm of Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPPS) lasers. In addition, its single-longitudinal mode (SLM) operation enables the low noise and high power stability required by the most demanding analytical and metrology applications.

Because of its characteristics, the SLIM-473 is ideally suited to replace existing gas or solid-state lasers in biophotonics (cytometry, microscopy), spectroscopy or metrology applications. In addition, its minimal footprint and low power requirements make a new generation of portable or miniaturized instruments possible for the first time ever.

The innovative design of the SLIM-473 leverages the Alignment-free Monolithic Resonator (AMR) technology, an Oxxius-proprietary and patented laser architecture. AMR allows the generation and frequency-doubling of many laser wavelengths. Furthermore, it ensures rugged, reliable and efficient lasers.

A first step to a new generation of lasers

The SLIM-473 starts a new product family and additional SLIM versions with different powers and wavelengths will be introduced in the future. "The SLIM laser platform opens a new era for laser users and will not only displace gas laser but also spawn a variety of new applications", said Thierry Georges, Oxxius’ CEO.

A breakthrough design: the Alignment-free Monolithic Resonator

The Alignment-free Monolithic Resonator (AMR) is a disruptive laser architecture based on a monolithic crystal design. Developed by Oxxius and protected by several patents, it reinvents the art of solid-state lasers. AMR provides many benefits such as ruggedness, reliability and compactness, along with exceptional optical characteristics. Additionally, the potential for cost reduction and the versatility of the AMR technology will foster its integration in increasingly diverse applications.

About Oxxius

Oxxius is an early-stage company focused on developing innovative solid-state laser solutions for industrial and scientific applications.
The Oxxius product line features compact, solid-state laser modules in the visible and near-UV range. Based on a patented miniaturized architecture, they make low-cost volume production possible. The lasers are used in biophotonics, microscopy, metrology and other instrumentation applications. Among Oxxius customers are multinational corporations, start-up companies and academic institutions.
Oxxius is headquartered in Lannion, France, a major cluster for R&D in optics. The company is funded by Sofinnova Partners (Paris, France).
For further information about Oxxius, please visit our web site at: http://www.oxxius.com

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