New York Aquarium Opens Glover's Reef Exhibit

From: New York Aquarium
Published: Fri Jun 03 2005

Brooklyn, NY – On June 7, 2005, the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) New York Aquarium will open a new Glover’s Reef exhibit teeming with marine life you’d find in the ocean off the coast of Belize.
The exhibit tank our visitors first encounter upon entering the New York Aquarium, originally constructed in 1957, is undergoing a transformation. Soon, the new exhibit will feature jawfish, moray eels, sharks and more than 35 other interesting species in a Caribbean coral reef ecosystem.

The exhibit is being made to resemble Glover’s Reef, a seamount atoll off the coast of Belize. WCS owns one of the five tiny islands, Middle Cay, on the fringing reef, and our scientists are working to discover more about coral biology and ecology and ways to diminish the threats to these fragile habitats. WCS Conservationist, Janet Gibson, who is currently working on Glover’s Reef says "despite protection locally as a marine reserve and universal recognition as a World Heritage Site, the future of the corals of Glover’s Reef depends to a large extent on the global population. Individual action counts, either as a responsible visitor to the reef or as a citizen ensuring your government implements sound environmental policies".

One feature, the "wall of moray eels" will excite people of all ages as three species of moray eels wriggle ominously and ogle visitors from inches away. The Aquarium exhibit will also include touchable coral skeletons and interactive graphics that explain how coral reefs are formed, that corals are actually colonies of amazing animals, and that coral reefs are among the most diverse, rare, and valuable ecosystems on earth. The exhibit will also focus attention on the ways in which coral reefs are of direct value to people, including our visitors, and will aim to motivate people to care about the fate of coral reefs everywhere.

Glover’s Reef will be an exciting, new entrance experience for all our visitors.
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