"Tokens for TV" Plugs Families Into a Better Quality of Life

From: Tokens for TV
Published: Fri Jun 03 2005

Television. Video games. Computers. The Internet. With all of this electronic entertainment surrounding our kids, how do we get our kids "unplugged?" In answer to this question, Lisa Workman developed Tokens for TV, a system that she used to teach her kids how to manage their television and computer time.

"My kids were either watching TV or playing on the computer. Once I told them to turn one off, they would move to the other. Nagging, pleading, demanding and ordering didn’t work. My children were ignoring their responsibilities, whining and trying to put off what they didn’t want to do," says Lisa. "Something had to change. I was tired of being a broken record and nothing was getting done."

In an effort to help her children make better media choices, she came up with the Tokens for TV program. "Our kids were just tuning in because it was easier than doing anything else. We wanted them to make better choices with their electronic entertainment. We wanted them to learn how to make better choices and monitor how much time they spent watching TV or playing games."

After finding success with her own children, she shared it with friends and family. When they were able to use the system successfully, she wrote it down in what is now the Tokens for TV eBook.

Tokens for TV gives parents and their children the tools they need to learn how to manage and choose content from today’s many electronic media offerings. The Tokens for TV program allows children to be an active participant in what they watch and how much and helps parents get out of the role of nagging their kids to turn off the TV or video game system. This unique program can be used as it is written or modified to meet each family’s needs and is inexpensive to implement.

Tokens for TV can be found at http://www.tvtokens.com. The website offers a complimentary 10 page excerpt from the eBook and a worksheet to keep track of television/computer viewing habits.

Lisa Workman has provided editing and business services for over 26 years. She has experience in the fields of education, computer software training, health care, marketing, and public relations. In addition to her editing and virtual assistant services, she currently teaches computer skills at a local elementary school.

After talking to her friends, she found there was enough interest to put her program down in writing and share it with others. For more information about Tokens for TV, please visit www.tvtokens.com.

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