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Technology: Email marketing to grow in 2006

Email marketing to grow in 2006

The market for email marketing is set to boom during the next few months, according to a survey by e-consultancy

[ClickPress, Thu Sep 21 2006] The market for email marketing is set to boom during the next few months, according to a survey by e-consultancy.

The company said that the market for e-mail marketing platforms and services would grow by eight per cent during 2006, from £148 million the year before to £178 million, mostly as a result of firms waking up to the potential of e-mail marketing.

In fact, the area has been so successful that it has grown by at least 50 per cent since 2004, according to figures.

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About Momentum

Momentum Web Solutions provides online marketing services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and start-up organisations in the UK. The benefits to clients of Momentumís services include greater visibility in search engines, increased online leads and sales, higher conversion rates of visitors to customers and reduced reliance on Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing. Momentum's services are particularly relevant for organisations in transition, or for whom the results of current online activities do not match business aspirations. Momentumís web marketing services include: search engine marketing, website optimisation and online PR, online sales optimisation, web competitor research, SEO training and strategic web planning services.

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Contact: Jonathan Fink (Sales Director)

Momentum Web Solutions Limited
The Oxford Centre for Innovation
Mill Street

Phone: 01865 811146

Company: Momentum Web Solutions
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Contact Phone: 01865 811146
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