Single Parents Dating Online are Discovering a Better Experience through Honest Profiling

From: Bright Day Ltd
Published: Thu Jan 14 2010

It has long been part of many dating sites to include a self description, photo and the type of person they’re looking for, e.g. others who are
parents already. When the description of someone has been misrepresented there have been disappointments on both sides. Single parents are aware of this more than most and want to put it right: this is where, a dating for parents site, come to the rescue by putting together more than half a dozen steps to help create a better profile which will result in more successful dates:

1.Know what you want to attract even before you start to write.

2.Include a photo as it has been proved that it makes all the difference. Just make sure that it’s recent and is true to your character.

3.Be positive: Big up yourself. What’s great about you?

4.Don’t be help combat this, try writing in the way you would speak.

5.Hold back on negatives: Many profiles, specifically written by the girls, can be very negative. They write huge lists of what they don’t want...just keep it to what you do want, that way you’ll come across as a positive cheerful person who is fun to be with.

6.Give a unique twist to yourself: Be specific on your likes and dislikes - there’s got to be a like or dislike to make you unusual (like Marmite!)

7.Ask a friend to write part of your profile: They will always say the honest worst and best about yourself with golden nuggets which illustrate
why they like you.

8.Avoid usual phrases like: "I may be the one" or "looking to meet".

9.Be specific about who you’re looking for, e.g. height, build, characteristics, interests, sense of humour, ambitions, distance from you, etc.

Andy Hammonds, founder of MumsDateDads says, "It’s always good to have as much ammunition in your arsenal to attract a date. So it’s always best to let others know exactly who you are, truthfully, because you’re more likely to meet the man/woman of your dreams."

MumsDateDads is free to join, enabling you to browse the site and view thousands of single parents' profiles. You can pay a small subscription fee securely online or via your mobile phone which will allow you to create and view video profiles, send personal messages, and offer virtual themed gifts. As a member you can also use your mobile to upload photos to your profile as well as receive text messages notifying you that other single parents have sent you a message.

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