‘Mother of a Bride’ Joins Forces With Fellow Gay Wedding Pioneer

From: TwoBrides.com
Published: Tue Feb 22 2005

Dallas, TX – In the spirit of ‘Freedom to Marry’ Week (February 12-19), Gretchen Hamm, founder and owner of TwoBrides.com & TwoGrooms.com, today announced that her online boutiques for same sex weddings will become the official shopping sites for GayWeddings.com.

"I am committed to serving gay and lesbian couples who wish to marry or have commitment ceremonies and I am excited to work with GayWeddings.com, another web site dedicated to furthering this mission," says Gretchen Hamm. "In partnership, just as in any good marriage, we will be stronger as a result of this union."

In 1999, Gretchen Hamm’s daughter Kathryn married her partner, Amy, in a commitment ceremony amongst friends and family, inspiring "mother of a bride," Gretchen, to start an online company, TwoBrides.com & TwoGrooms.com, to provide the gay community with the wedding products she hadn’t been able to find for her daughter. Meanwhile, another entrepreneur, KC David, was opening the virtual doors to his new web site, www.GayWeddings.com.

Both Mrs. Hamm and Mr. David had identified a need in the gay community long before gay marriage had been included in a State of the Union address or become legal in any state. More than five years later, their efforts have positioned them ahead of those who initially questioned the viability of the gay wedding market and they have become sought-after resources for those seeking to get married, to understand the gay wedding business, or to start a business of their own.

GayWeddings.com will be launching a new version of its web site, featuring resources and links for members of the gay community who wish to wed. When it does launch, site visitors will find everything from wedding packages to wedding tips to information about understanding gay weddings, and, of course, links to one of the gay community’s favorite wedding resources: TwoBrides.com & TwoGrooms.com.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hamm will continue to offer premium products & services to the gay and lesbian community through her stores, the first of their kind on the web. She relishes the opportunity to serve Mr. David’s web site community and expects great things, especially with the addition of a new TwoBrides.com & TwoGrooms.com showroom in Northern Virginia, which will open officially on March 1 and will be staffed by her daughter Kathryn, her new partner in the business.

"I am pleased to join my mom in this endeavor and thrilled to expand our work with GayWeddings.com," says Kathryn Hamm. "It’s inspiring to work with two individuals who care so passionately about making a difference for gays and lesbians who seek legal recognition for their long-term, loving relationships."

While Mrs. Hamm and Mr. David move full-steam ahead into this newest business venture, Mrs. Hamm remains adamant about her advice to those who wish to marry but cannot enjoy the legal rights afforded to their heterosexual counterparts. "Follow your hearts, make a commitment to love and honor each other no matter what anyone else has to say. As far as I’m concerned, you can call your union "mother-approved" while we celebrate love and wait on those politicians to catch up with us."

For additional information, contact:
Gretchen Hamm, 972-523-9301
KC David, 215-862-0977
Freedom to Marry: 212-851-8414

About Freedom to Marry Week:
Freedom to Marry is a gay and non-gay partnership working to win marriage equality nationwide and is sponsoring the second annual Freedom to Marry Week. From February 12-19, 2005, organizations and individuals are raising awareness in small towns and large cities, holding town hall meetings, visiting legislators, encouraging voter registration, and sponsoring rallies and fundraisers.

About TwoBrides.com / TwoGrooms.com:
TwoBrides.com™ and TwoGrooms.com™, mother-approved shopping sites for alternative weddings™ since 2000, offers services and products to a community that has been routinely neglected and discriminated against: the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community. The company is the first of its kind on the Internet and its mission is to provide innovative, practical, and top-quality products and information networking for same-sex and other alternative weddings.

About GayWeddings.com:
GayWeddings.com launched in 1999 and is the premiere online wedding resource for same-sex couples, offering a national vendor directory, news, and links. The company strives to provide invaluable resources for the gay community as couples plan their unique ceremonies, and, for its efforts, has gained recognition through local and national media coverage.

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