National Blends Makes its Proprietary & Proven All-Natural Rosacea Treatment Available for Private L

From: National Blends LLC
Published: Mon Jan 18 2010

National Blends LLC, a Florida based manufacturer of all-natural skin care products that effectively treat conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, crow’s feet and more, today announces the addition of its proprietary all-natural rosacea treatment under the recently announced private label initiative.

More than 14 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from rosacea. Once thought to be a form of acne, it is now recognized as a different disease of the skin. "Our unique all-natural rosacea treatment not only clears the effects, but more significantly provides our customers with a renewed confidence" said Marc Narine, V.P. of Marketing. "Like the other products in our line, PUR Naturals Skin Restore ( works with the body’s natural biological system to help it restore itself."
Existing treatments for rosacea tend to primarily be prescription medications which can often have negative side effects like intestinal upsets, sore throat, sinus infections and more. PUR Naturals Skin Restore is a topical spray that can be used by anyone of any skin color. It is manufactured using all-natural ingredients with no known side effects and can be used freely without the need for a prescription or insurance coverage. Skin Restore is blended and bottled in the U.S.A.

Rosacea tends to be accompanied by pronounced redness, bumps, inflammatory lesions/pustules on the face, dry skin and can be accompanied by stinging and burning sensations. Because of the effect primarily on the face, rosacea sufferers can feel significant embarrassment and loss of self-esteem. "Our product and indeed our goal is to not only provide relief, but to return the individual’s confidence" said Mr. Narine.

"Skin care companies and distributors have exuberantly embraced our private label program ( ; we offer the common benefits of any similar program but also provide a few unique benefits". National Blends states its distributors can expect to receive:

•The only known all-natural and proven effective Rosacea topical spray treatment
•Artwork development and assistance
•A product that is blended and bottled in the United States
•A low-cost, high profit opportunity
•A product with documented success in clearing the effects of Rosacea

National Blends LLC ( is the manufacturer of the PUR Naturals Skin Care line. Its highly effective line includes face and body washes, all natural acne treatments, nail repair formulas and more. All products in the PUR Naturals line work to improve the performance of the good bacteria and healthy micro-organisms on the body to promote skin regeneration at the cellular level. Their products are manufactured using proprietary and wholly owned formulations.

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