GL Communications Inc. Announces Enhancements to their Voice, Fax, and Modem Testing Solutions

From: GL Communications Inc
Published: Mon Sep 25 2006

GL Communications Inc, today announced Enhancements to their Voice, Fax, and Modem Testing Solutions ( Briefing the news to the press, Mr. Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of the company said, "Looking at the electronic communication trends, voice, fax, and modem transmission continue to be dominant forms of communicaton over a wide variety of wired and wireless networks". He continued, "Wireless networks now carry more voice than wired networks with over 2.2 billion mobile phones or 60% of worldwide phones. Wireless voice growth has yet to peak. So voice, fax and modem are here to stay for the foreseeable future".

Mr. Kulkarni emphasized, "To successfully deploy voice, fax, and modem services requires extensive network design, test and traffic engineering. In this process, test equipment can prove valuable, if it can: Generate and receive voice, fax, and modem signals in bulk over wired and wireless networks. Monitor and distinguish voice, fax, and modem signals in real time for traffic engineering and network design purposes. Analyze voice, fax, and modem signals after capture for troubleshooting failed or poorly handled calls".
GL’s suite of Voice, Fax, and Modem solutions product provide: Voice, Fax, and Modem Signal Generation and Reception, Fax and Modem PSTN Call Capture and Analysis, Fax and Modem IP Call Capture and Analysis, and Voice, Fax, and Modem Classification. For comprehensive information on GL’s Voice, Fax, and Modem testing solutions, please visit the link ( provided.
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