Web analytics agency WebtraffIQ track Ong-Bak UK movie release

From: Elemental PR
Published: Mon Jun 06 2005

Web analytics agency WebtraffIQ http://www.webtraffiq.com is to track the official website and marketing campaign for martial arts action film Ong-Bak http://www.ong-bak.co.uk.

The design and development of the website, online marketing including a viral game was designed by digital and creative agency Egovision http://www.egovision.com. The website is set to run parallel with direct and digital marketing activity for the UK theatrical release.

Ong-Bak, billed as the greatest martial arts film since the likes of The Way of the Dragon, is bought to life by the incredible talents of Tony Jaa. The story is about Jaa fighting against all he believes to retrieve a stolen Buddha statue which holds the secret to his home village’s future. Jaa, born in Bangkok, Thailand, trained in his native discipline, Muay Thai, for over four years in preparation of his role in Ong-Bak.

The highly acclaimed movie is released by Contender Entertainment Group http://www.contendergroup.com and opens in UK cinemas on Friday, 13 May 2005.

John Lyons, Interactive Director at Egovision explains, "WebtraffIQ will be tracking all aspects of the integrated campaign and website, including production notes, "making of" clips with galleries, exclusive content featuring a Q&A interview with Tony Jaa and his top ten fight scenes, click-throughs from rich media advertising, email campaigns to movie subscribers and Contender database and the Ong-Bak "Fight Club" viral game."

WebtraffIQ is monitoring the performance of the Ong-Bak website and also visitor behaviour and how they interact with the site, driven from all media outlets. The ability to forward the site and game is a key feature of the online campaign and the success of this will be monitored by WebtraffIQ.

"WebtraffIQ allows us to bring together measurement of digital marketing aspects of the campaign with direct marketing, which is supporting our online techniques with above-the-line advertising with posters, tube, TV and bus campaigns. The Ong-Bak data sourced from this promotion is to be used for the subsequent release and marketing of the DVD and Video in October 2005," adds Lyons.

"We have taken the experience from other film releases such as The Interpreter, and applied it to Ong-Bak’s theatrical (film) release which looks to be a potential blockbuster. Ong-Bak has allowed us to demonstrate concentrated direct and digital marketing metrics that can be applied to measure integrated campaigns.

We are pleased about the Ong-Bak promotion, because it is the first theatrical through to DVD and Video release that we will be tracking allowing seamless measurement, something that is not usually possible due to agency rosters," concludes Marcos Richardson, European Director at WebtraffIQ.

Ong-Bak is released to DVD and Video by Hong Kong Legends & Premier Asia in October 2005.


----Notes to editors----

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the WebtraffIQ and Egovision team.

The media spokespeople for WebtraffIQ are Marcos Richardson, European Director and Kevin Hutchinson, Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

The media spokespeople for Egovision are Nick Wills, Creative Director and John Lyons, Interactive Director.

About WebtraffIQ:

WebtraffIQ is a real-time visitor tracking and reporting analysis product and service for business web sites and e-commerce enterprises. The system has undertaken a four-year research and development-testing period and is used by over 400 individual web sites.

WebtraffIQ provides a campaign tracking service which enables clients to see how various online and offline marketing techniques are working, in effect creating a rich picture of a web site's activities.

WebtraffIQ’s clients include: Business Link (Kent), City & Guilds, Eyetracker, Mando Group, Perceptor, Reuters Business Insight, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and Tiscali UK.

About Egovision:

Egovision was formed in the mid-nineties with a primary aim of introducing individuals and companies to the potential that the new Internet based technologies offered. The founding partners hail from an Architectural background, which gives them a unique perspective and a working approach that considers both the form and the function of a project to be intimately related. The company now numbers illustrators, designers, coders and database experts as part of the team.

Egovision's client base spans a number of different industries, for which they design, create and deliver across a number of media including Print, Screen and Web for TV broadcasters, major brands, the legal, theatrical and architectural industries and entertainment companies.


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