Dialaphone introduce their new mobile phone tariff chooser

From: Dialaphone
Published: Mon Sep 25 2006

A new feature has been added to the dialaphone website that allows the mobile phone searcher to enter the details of how they use their phone to find out what the best tariff is for them. The tariff chooser will ask how many minutes the user uses their phone every day, or how many minutes they use it for every month; how many text messages they send per month; when they mostly use their phone, and what kind of calls they mostly make.

With this information the best mobile phone tariff chooser will return a list of tariffs that would be the best option for the user to think about.

The best phone tariff chooser is a great resource for a customer wanting to find the best phone to buy from the dialaphone website, but this tool is also a great tool for use by non customers of dialaphone. This tool doesn’t limit its searches to dialaphone customers; the tool is free for anyone to use. So no matter whether someone wants to buy a phone, or are just looking to see the latest tariff offers, anyone can go to the dialaphone website and see what the best tariffs are out there.

The dialaphone website also has the compare phones page which allows the site users to put three mobile phones of their choice side by side in a table to compare the attributes and advantages of each handset. The table allows the user to compare dimensions and weight, as well as whether the phone has important features such as a camera or MP3 player. The table also allows the user to compare how good the camera on the phone is if it has one, and whether or not the phone has Bluetooth or infrared, for transferring the photos they have taken. The table gives many more attributes that the user will want to know about the phone.

As well as the incredible deals there are always great deals to be found on the dialaphone website. There is even a page dedicated to web special mobile phones. This page gives a list of mobile phone offers that cant be found on the high street, and can only be found online

Any dialaphone enquiries please visit the dialaphone mobile phones website, or call 0800 0928 244 free of charge

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