Dialaphone's mobile phone clearance sale

From: Dialaphone
Published: Mon Sep 25 2006

The mobile phone specialists, dialaphone, have now provided its customers with a mobile phone clearance page. This part of the dialaphone website is a great place for any bargain hunters out there, or anyone trying to find a good mobile phone plan on a budget. In fact this page isn’t limited to being a great place for any one group of people - this is a great place for anyone looking for a new mobile phone, or maybe even anyone who is just thinking of changing to a cheaper tariff.

As well as the incredible deals on the clearance section of the site there are always great deals to be found on the dialaphone website. There is even a page dedicated to web special mobile phones. This page gives a list of mobile phone offers that can't be found on the high street, and can only be found online. Dialaphone's web specials take some of Dialaphone's already great deals and slash the monthly contact cost in half for 12 or 13 months of the 18 month contract! The great offers include an offer of a free D600 mobile phone with an O2 contract giving 600 free minutes per month and 100 free text messages every month, for only £17.50 a month for the first 13 months and £35 for the last 5 months of the contract - now that's a great offer!

The dialaphone site is a large site that has many great mobile phone offers, and also has many great tools, such as the phone tariff chooser and the compare mobile phones tool. These tools help the mobile phone shopper find the best tariff to suit, and then after finding the best tariff the compare mobile phones tools helps the shopper compare the top recent mobile phone handsets to see which mobile phone is the right phone for them.

The dialaphone website is a well designed site that caters for the needs of anyone that's looking for a new mobile phone, or for anyone that wants to find out some information on the latest mobile phone handsets or mobile phone tariffs.

Any dialaphone enquiries please visit the dialaphone mobile phones website, or call 0800 0928 244 free of charge

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