Gobananas.co.uk comes up with Edinburgh Sex in the City Package

From: Helpmego.to
Published: Wed Jan 20 2010

Gobananas offers the package at attractive rates, starting £165 and includes in the menu other interesting things, as per sources in Helpmego.to, the company that runs gobananas.co.uk and gobananas.com.

The Edinburgh Sex in the City Package offers a comprehensive package for those who prefer going for a chic City Style Hen Weekend. The package includes accommodation in luxury apartments, Spa Day, Cocktail Making, Nightclub Entry etc, making it appealing to party-goers.

The details of the package are as follows:
Two-night accommodation in Luxury Apartments: The accommodation provided is in 4 star apartments, within easy reach of all the main venues of the party activities. It's basically high-standard, posh 1 or 2 bedroom apartments, provided with all facilities.
Tapas Meal on Friday nights: An optional item in the package menu, the Tapas Meal is a combination of over thirty tapas dishes, which comes with paella, a wide variety of Spanish wines, beer etc. The ambiance too suits the party mood and the warm decor and the cordial

hospitality are the highlights.
Spa experience on Saturdays: Saturdays are days for refreshing Spa experiences, at top

spas, where the guests are allowed to make full use of all the spa's facilities.
Cocktail making on Saturday afternoons: Saturday afternoons, for party goers gives a chance to learn the art of cocktail-making from experts. The package includes 2 cocktails per person, tasters and detailed discussions on cocktail making.
Posh Nosh dinner and nightclub entry on Saturday Nights: Saturday nights get eventful with a posh dinner and a nightclub entry, which of course is optional.

For details, inquiries and booking, click http://www.gobananas.co.uk/edinburgh-hen-packages/edinburgh-sex-in-the-city-package.html
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